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  1. bigkidderz

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Thanks bkellum When you said 'sample templates', I thought you were talking about the STS sample templates so I spent a long while looking down a blind alley. When I finally opened up the product_info.php in the catalog folder, I just copy/pasted the javascript in the <head> there into my STS template's <head> and it worked. It's weird because I thought I'd done that before and it hadn't worked, but clearly I spent so much time trying to find an answer that I must've been cutting corners all over the place. Now that I've sorted that out, I can finally start installing the lightbox add-on!
  2. bigkidderz

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some help with this. I'm using STS V4.5.8 I've installed STS onto the online shop at www.swanseavale4x4.co.uk/catalog I can't get the "Click To Enlarge" link to work when clicking on my pictures. I've searched forums and tried numerous different things, but to no avail as of yet. I want to go live with this shop in the next few weeks or so any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Chris.
  3. bigkidderz

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hello All. I am a complete noob to STS - and web design for that matter. But I'm in charge of creating a website for my final year group project - setting up a business and proving it can make money. The website can be found at: www.va-tutorials.co.uk Basically, I have an osCommerce shop set up at www.va-tutorials.co.uk/catalog and I want to make it become more inkeeping with the website. After reading online, I've assumed that STS would provide me with the capability to do this. Is there any way that I can customise the STS templates so that the shop fits exactly into the main content section of my html pages (i.e. I want to use the main website as the template for the shop). To do this, I would have to be able to use the CSS file that I have used for the rest of the website to make sure that the rest of the page displays like any other page in the website. I guess what I'm trying to say is, can I apply a stylesheet to a template and then place the placeholders into the styled template? Or does the template have to just simply be a skeleton? If I can do this, could someone teach me as if they are teaching an alien. Thanks in advance.