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  1. In a version of ie7 the continue button does not show after filling in all fields it just keeps running the different updating texts in a loop. The other thing I noticed is that I can enter anything I want in the phone nr field, is this supposed to be accepted?
  2. Thanks for the great work, it now works correctly (uploaded new files && made the changes), only thing I have noticed is that you haven't updated the changelog in the install file
  3. They get sent to the login page After they have entered all their data and should be sent to the payment page. It doesn't matter how I set the account creation nor if I enter a password. The account doesnt seem to get created. (I don't have any customer info mods)
  4. I can't seem to get it working, the issue I had with the previous version (not being able to use iDeal payment) has been fixed. But i can only order when I am already logged in, otherwise I just get redirected to the login/register page. (I have tried turning fields on and off etc)
  5. GieltjE

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    I just uploaded a new version so now more info is displayed (incl shipment type/cost, (sub)total and tax) Indeed the code is not very friendly nor did I create it this way (I just fix it for now), since this will be default in oscommerce 3.0 I do not plan on rewriting it as of yet.
  6. GieltjE

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    C:/xampp/htdocs/speelmans.com/webshop/admin/includes/languages/dutch/invoice.php <-- does that exist?
  7. GieltjE

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    I added 2 builds that fix a lot of bugs, the only one I can't fix is the upper bar of the lowest "box", that one still fails some time to display in the mail. Please try & comment
  8. That actually was my problem, the earlier time reports were false since my tests were to quickly conducted and with 2 different values. Thanks very much for your support, you made my day by releasing 2.76i!
  9. Ok, just did some more testing, and as my export program allways gave "-0.8403" (tax value = 19% as stated in the export file) and never worked, my manual attempts with a fast "-1.0000" allways work. I tested some more low value changes and all failed, by everything lower then -1.000 works. Another strange thing I noticed (tax still 19%): 0.8403 * tax = doesn't work 1.0000 * tax = 1.19 1.5000 * tax = 1.19 see: http://www.speelmans.com/Example.rar
  10. v_date_added, I don't even add a v_date_avail since that is not in the question.
  11. I just found the problem, if the export date + time isn't the same the attribute update will fail, but others still succeed (I generate them every time I rerun the export). Should I rewrite my program to use a fixed date+time or is this a 'bug' in the easy populate? P.s: Are you sure you release the file after the export? My browser keeps the file locked until I close/manually unlock it. P.s2: sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. I am using Easy Populate 2.76h-MS2 and when updating existing products if there is a price drop for an product attribute (from 0 to -1 cost for example) it doesn't get update. step 1: I upload a product with some attributes step 2: I download the complete csv step 3: I edit one of the options to a -1 value (not caring about tax or whatever) step 4: I upload the file After step 4 the negative value hasn't been applied, but any other changes have.
  13. I am using Easy Populate 2.76h-MS2 and when updating existing products if there is a price drop for an product attribute (from 0 to -1 for example) it doesn't get update. I verified this by updating a attribute to -1, downloading the csv, updating the attribute to +0 and reapplying the csv. The attribute remained at +0. Anyone got a thought?