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  1. marcelk

    RMA Returns 2.6

    The problem was solved on my install by a friend, I will ask what she changed and gome back to you as soon as possible Greetings, Marcel
  2. marcelk

    RMA Returns 2.6

    Hello, I have completely installed the RMA 2.6 module but some seems to be wrong. When I go to (order Information) account_hystory_info.php I have the option for the return form on click I'm on (Return a product) return_product.php. Somehow the script must be wrong because I see no item name and the price is 0.00 also I see no amount just one small emty field and when putting some in I get the error message (The quantity you entered is greater than the quantity originally ordered.) When leving the field blac I get the RMA number so all I need is how to get name/price and amount on this page???? Please help me out and tell me what I did wrong or did overlook? Greetings, Marcel
  3. marcelk

    RMA Returns error for 2.2 MS2

    Hello, I have an error on showing the item. If I want to fill in a RMA I can not set the product name, it's blanc and needs to be blanc for a RMA code. If I fill in an item myself it will give an error. After I get the RMA number, It's without price setting ect. So how can I make the item show in the first option of the RMA form? Hope you can help
  4. Hello, I just installed the complete pack and did a test. I have an error on the spot where to fill in the amount I want to return. There is no fill in field but it says ERROR Any idea how to fix that? Thanks, Marcel Sorry Posted wrong spot
  5. marcelk

    RMA module?

    Thanks I missed that one. I go check out if it is what I need
  6. marcelk

    RMA module?

    Hello, Is there anyone that knows if there is an RMA module, I good not find it so far. Maybe some one is capible and willing to make one? It would help a lot to be able to run an RMA form stait form the admin panel and the order section
  7. Hello, I went over all topics but coold not see my problem or I have overlooked it. I'm new to this world and try to figur out why my install not works. I think the problem I have is in step 6 of the install manual. * Note: CRE Loaded ONLY before : tep_admin_files_boxes(FILENAME_STATS_MONTHLY_SALES, BOX_REPORTS_MONTHLY_SALES)); add : tep_admin_files_boxes(FILENAME_SUPERTRACKER, 'Supertracker') . You will also need to add this new box in "Administrator -> File Access" from the admin menu I have no idea what to do with the above lines, please help me out. I now have a error message when clicking the supertracker. Not Found The requested URL /catalog/admin/FILENAME_SUPERTRACKER was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. I realy hope someone can help me fix this Thanks
  8. marcelk

    Weight Shipping

    Hi, Why use so many zones? Most post companys have only 3 or 4. setting the amount is this 0:Price,1:Price,5:price,10:price,20:price This way all between 0 and 1 have the 0 price etc I use MZMT_Shipping V1.2 myzelf That works perfect, I have zone europe 1 and europe 2 and rest of world, according to TNT NL
  9. marcelk


    Hello, Is there anyone that knows if this is done already or else if this can be done? Can the COD option thats availible be changed and have more options? Like charge option and extra % option? Hope some one nows a good sollution? I downloaded several modules like cash on delivery fee and paymethode fee but these I can't get working. Maybe any one that knows a good paymentmethode fee module? Thanks for your reply Marcel
  10. marcelk

    COD addon?

    I'm wundering if someone is still developing MultiGeoZone MultiTable? If so, is it possible to add a COD option Cash on Delivery? I'm new to all this great contributions and the webshop so I realy hope someone is able to build a COD option to work with this MultiTable. What I woul like is; A normal table option as is aready in use but with an COD option next to it The COD option calculates weight, price and %. You would get an calculation like this; 5:15.15+6.50+1%(1% over the total value), Or is there any obe that has an other idea? My problem is that I need 4 fields one for basic COD weight price 15.15, one for extra price option 6.50 and over all that the deliver company takes 1% with a minimum price of 5. So the total pack price will be like; 15.15 6.50 1% = less then 5 so 5 is added -------- 25.65 All idea's are welcome, I hope you understand what I want Greetings, Marcel
  11. Hello, I'm new to all of this and hope someone can help me out. I now use the table option and field in the shipping table like this 5:7.70,10:12.32,15:17.50,20;25.00 That works fine for only one zone. But I have 4 zones, europe 1, europe 2, rest of world 1, rest of world 2. ALl have different shipping costs for the same weight like europe 1 5:19.50 europe 2 5:24.50 rest of world 1 5:25.00 rest of world 2 5:34.20 Is there any way I can make this happen??? Thanks