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  1. 3opkuu

    Worlpdpay junior 1.0, Osc 2.2rc2a problem ?

    I'm having this exact problem on php 5.2.5/mysql 5.0.51 - no error, but I only see the default WP confirmation page and no email is sent confirming order, although the order is made and can be access in the admin panel. Logs show that WP is doing its bit, OSC isn't :( I don't have access to a server with php4 unfortunately.
  2. My apologies - I made a mistake inserting code during step 1. Everything seems to be working fine. Thank you for providing the contribution.
  3. Here's where the outputted code ends:
  4. I too, am having a problem with this new code. On a fresh install of osCommerce I installed this contribution and now the 'product attributes' table is broken - only the headings of the table, the last column being "action", is visible. nothing below that. no error displayed as such, just no attributes shown.