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  1. Hello all! I know this topic is quite old but I was hoping that maybe someone was still around working on it? Currently using v2.2 RC2a and have installed the this contrib with the most current bug-fix that eliminated the 'Destination does not exist' and 'Error: catalog product images directory does not exist'. Everything works fine with creating categories and sub-categories under the images/products folder which is exactly what I was looking for......however I have NO images being displayed either in the admin section or the website..just a nice little red X! The image url "says" that it is in the correct directory but it's not there or anywhere else for that matter. Has anyone ran into this issue and perhaps created a fix for it??? So far no additional mods have been done to these files other than this contrib. My permissions are set to 755 and I've tried 704 as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated or should I switch contribs? If so which on works best with this osc version? Sorry for the rambling and thanks in advance to anyone who can help ( I know you're all busy!) :)