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  1. Please disregard. I found the problem. In the checkout_process.php, there's a duplicate set of scripts below. I just deleted the other one and its working fine now: //kgt - discount coupons if( tep_session_is_registered( 'coupon' ) && is_object( $order->coupon ) ) { $sql_data_array = array( 'coupons_id' => $order->coupon->coupon['coupons_id'], 'orders_id' => $insert_id ); tep_db_perform( TABLE_DISCOUNT_COUPONS_TO_ORDERS, $sql_data_array ); } //end kgt - discount coupons
  2. Hi all, I'm pretty new to this forum and I need help. My problem is the same as voltagexx. I receive an error upon applying a discount to the shopping cart: 1062 - Duplicate entry 'UL0209-238' for key 1 insert into discount_coupons_to_orders (coupons_id, orders_id) values ('UL0209', '238') Any help will be much appreciated. :)