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  1. Hi, I have created some new pages for oscommerce admin . But when I try to run those pages I get the error :- "page is not redirecting properly ". I have set my "register_globals" on and " register_long_arrays " is also on. Please help. Thanks, vs_indr
  2. Hi I haev just got an a/c created by my store owner . I got the meter ID , account Number , address , city ,state , zip , phone and set there in oscommerce admin . Only thing which is remaining is fedex server url . I enetered " " . Is there any thing wrong in the procedure I opted . I am getting error like the same :- "No data returned from Fedex, perhaps the Fedex site is down". I am using Fedex Real Time Quotes 2.07.1 by Roaddoctor and "Bug Fix - Only if your Admin Category button produces blank page" with the bug fixes done by Richard Cranium . (can be found on Please help to get solution. Thanks in advance, vs_indr
  3. Plesae look for fedex module of your choice here:-
  4. Hi, I want to integrate Speedpost EMS shipping mehtod for my osc store Can someone help ; how to integrate the Speedpost islandwise and Speedpost wordwide courier (WWC)for my singapore based store . As Speedpost is available in cheaper rates , my client wants to use it . Please check the following(s) for price and zone information:- Speedpost islandwise:- Speedpost wordwide courier (WWC):- Thanks, vs_indr
  5. Hi, I wish to set up a store where I can have singe administrator but for front store there should be maultiple users having different products search and accession rights. Is it possible to achieve that using any existing oscommerce contribution? Please help . Thanks, Vs_indr
  6. Hi , I ahve instaled federal express to my site , set these information :- Fedex Account Number Fedex Meter ID But in chekout pages getting these errors:- Federal Express (image icon here) An error occured with the fedex shipping calculations. Fedex may not deliver to your country, or your postal code may be wrong. Iam using Mishigan address with correct postal code and my store address is of new york with corect postal code . I have tried several other postal code and address too for customer's adress .But nonwe of those work ! Please help ! Thanks
  7. Just use federal Express contribution , you can get it from oscommerce contribution:- cheers :-) vds
  8. Hi I am currently having only 1 method on my checkout_shipping page :- Flat Rate (US Postal Service) with description :- Shipping (5-7 days) $0.00 I want to have the following methods in checkout process; what am i supposed to do ? Flat Rate (USPS) United States Postal Service Overnight Mail (Transit Time: 1 day) $24.99 Ο United States Postal Service Priority Mail (Transit Time: 2-3 days) $12.99 Ο United States Postal Service First Class Mail (Transit Time: 4-7 days) $4.99 Ο Flat Rate (FedEx) FedEx Home Delivery (Midwest Transit Time: 1 day) $9.99 Ο FedEx Home Delivery (East Coast Transit Time: 1-2 days) $10.99 Ο FedEx Home Delivery (South Transit Time: 2-3 days) $11.99 Ο FedEx Home Delivery (West Coast Transit Time: 4 days) $12.99 Please advise me asap. Thanks vds