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  1. I have a problem I don't know how to explain enough good what I mean so I add images.


    My site looks like that in 1200X800




    And like that in 1024x768





    and I want it to look like that all the time, in all resolutions. I've tried everything :/


    PS. Please don't pay attention any other elements. I had printed those screens before I've broken fresh gorund.

  2. Before I go to sleep I want to ask about shopping cart box again.

    Shopping card consists of two cells - header and content. I want to put one image to the header and another image to the content. Is it possible?

    I've tried already changed it in shopping_card.php but it isn't working.

    And one more stupid question. I want words "0 items" to put lower.


    PS. I don't want to change headers in any other box.

  3. Barbara, your answer is listed in detail in the STS User Manual.




    Besides doing the above, you could aslo simply add a custom css box class to the shopping_cart.php infobox located in includes/boxes/. To do so, follow the tips listed in the knowledge base article listed here: http://www.oscommerce.info/kb/osCommerce/C..._Area/Boxes/248


    You're right it's in UM. TKANKS!

    You're GRAET!

  4. I don't understand you. I've done it in this way, but it doesn't work :(.


    Ok. I think I haven't explain what I meant enaugh good.

    I want to change a background in a box of the shopping card (which we can see for example on the main page in right columne) - not a background on the Shopping Card site.

  5. I've done it (the first option) but there is some error on the shop's side:



    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /home/argo27/domains/rozwod.unl.pl/public_html/mm/includes/boxes/categories.php on line 36


    EDIT: OK. I've found the mistake ;) But .. you can think i'm so stupid but I don't understand what should I do after installation - I put tag $categoryimagebox in index.php after $categorybox .. but nothing's changed.

  6. You're the master. And Can I ask one more question? How should this sts_template.html side look? Because My side looks:


    $breadcrumbs $myaccountlogoff | $cartcontents | $checkout










    This is the default template















    $date $numrequests





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