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  1. And what is the inventory level that you put in when you added the product? :D I got it. These are custom items made when ordered so there is no inventory. You have to set it not to subract from inventory. Once it hits a negative number it makes the item inactive. It is working fine now. I'm not stupid I just don't know anything. Thanks to everyone for the help and to Chandra for making the contribution - it made osCommerce a product I can use for this site now. :D
  2. My bad this was not a problem with just the text option. I added a product with no text and then placed an order and it was changed to inactive after the order was completed also. HELP!
  3. I have installed Chandra's contribution and the problem I have run into is that after an order is placed the product that was ordered with the text option is switched to inactive- don't know why. She has helped a bunch but I don't want to be a pain. The manual part of the database is not a big deal and no one knows less about this stuff than me. If someone could tell me why the product status is changing and how to fix it I would really be greatful. osCommerc rocks because of the people involved. Thanks to everyone that has helped me. Here is a link to see what I am talking about Place a test order and watch the product dissapear when you go back to the default page. This is not a live site, yet.