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  1. Quantum is superfast now

    1. Gyakutsuki


      Seems good, Do you tried Brava, very fast ?

  2. @mgutt 2.3 core base was outdated in ~2012. Latest 2.3.x version upgrades tried to adapt technical requirements and security fixes but we didnt be able to step forward... Next v2.3.6 release wont be the Holi Gral even though many community works was built in. We use BS for ages which is not a secret. It was important adaptaion of responsibility! Some of us developed the brilliant v3 alfa 5 anno but the community didnt want it so opencart was born. You can see the shared ecommerce results... We should separate template files in v2.4 and it will be better than v3 alfa 5 ever thanks to v3 backports. If someone wants v2.3BS than use it. If another wants something better than use v2.4. The mistake wont be again if we have modern core in the battle.
  3. You should add attachment file code part into the tp_email_checkout_process.php. function build() { global $file, $filetype, $filename... . . $attachment = fread(fopen($file, "r"), filesize($file)); $$mimemessage->add_attachment($attachment, $filename, $filetype);
  4. Heroic fights to be alive again.. V2.4 has much better solution. I have a scene from avatars when the hero die and move into the navik body. This will be the future without disabled.
  5. This shows the total caotics... You didnt installed BS CE. You installed an old version of v2.4...
  6. All questions start again and again... hundreds of topics started in this theme. Php doesnt transpose utf-8 characters to mysql if multibyte internal encoding is not enabled or assured.. The main problem comes from: tep_parse_search_string() which can not serve utf-8 arrays. A solution example like this: //// // Parse search string into indivual objects function tep_parse_search_string($search_str = '', &$objects) { $search_str = trim( mb_detect_encoding((strtolower($search_str)), 'UTF-8', true) ? strtolower($search_str) : mb_strtolower($search_str) );
  7. All questions start again and again... I see that never focused to my works so I feel bad again. Sorry I could not achive to build into the core... @beerbee We dont know @Peter Ordonez 's settings but orders status email wont go out if sender and reciver has the same email address.. This is a beginer issue when shop owner want to test as customer and use the same email address. I am not the best who can speak fluently on english but a mother languge forumer could write the following pages for BS owners..
  8. Will Sullivan hunt my profile down or not?

  9. @frankl there could be encode decode conflict, but first could you debug the $_SESSION. Print out in template bottom to see something from encoded session. Its not a human readable format. print_r($_SESSION);
  10. What are the differents between datatable charsets and what are the database engines? Try to switch to file in configuration.php
  11. Intresting idea. I think it could be usefull for static content. For example touch the green color box to show all green product. Could you add a link generator? (oscID sometimes need) I think the language dependencies is missing now but this could be living concept.
  12. @estrich sorry I gave a shit example. I didnt see the count(*) in the query. :) Yes the last code use less query. I think its better.
  13. I wonder if you could use this code without query: global $categories_products_query; // get result if (is_object($categories_products_query) && tep_db_num_rows($categories_products_query) == 1) { // do your stuf // fetch result to get the link }
  14. Forum mandated pls. ask PP that dont use Superconducting Super Collider in Texas to mine more cripton valutes because we dont recive double orders nowadays.
  15. I have seen duplications on several cases. I have non PP payment module with same rarely duplication. But I have seen duplicated emails. I suspect to double entry threads from the shop server side sometimes. I have deleted duplicated post from oscommerce forum treads...