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  1. Forum mandated pls. ask PP that dont use Superconducting Super Collider in Texas to mine more cripton valutes because we dont recive double orders nowadays.
  2. I have seen duplications on several cases. I have non PP payment module with same rarely duplication. But I have seen duplicated emails. I suspect to double entry threads from the shop server side sometimes. I have deleted duplicated post from oscommerce forum treads...
  3. +one info after the session changed select * from sessions; It was over 100.
  4. We are talking about emails, orders and I think template usages. Orders table could use it when $orders_id is known (PayPal use it) but checkout use $insert_id and admin use $oID. Hooks cant reach globals even if globals variables are set before in parent function. function tep_mail() { globals $oID, $order_id, $inser_id; hooks(); }
  5. Some information is missing to use hooks. Mail class should have saved informations about products or notes and we could use it for templates. content name (order, create_account and so on...) contents (products, notes, attachments, payment footer, shipping info ...)
  6. @frankl Paypal use different globals and I dont know what are in another payment modules. Basic case when only oscommerce core running in checkout this could be work but an alternative way (Paypal) wont be used the hook. This is not impossible but we should care about alternatives. I miss tep_mail() in v2.4 Probably this could help: class Mail extends AlternativeMail and AlternativeMail class could handle email sender hooks and we could use hooks there. But I dont see how could you apply templates to email body contents. @wHiTeHaT globals informs about situations. WP use hundreds of globals by the way.
  7. Hi boys, There are a main problem with v2.3. I had to fight a lot with globals when email templates figured out. Osc v2.3 use sequential codebase which is not object friendly so only globals could keep values. First option to extend mail class with another services but its change only the mail sender. Second option in v2.4 to hijack the sequential code to another way with hooks. In this case all functions should build again by own app logic. We maybe see good examples in payment classes before and after process methods. Hooks could have an option but i dont see the sort order of alternative hooks. If you know Wordpress it can handle the priority very well for example. There are a lot of built in router for this reason. (WP calls apply_filters but this is WP and not OSC) After running jobs side by side means the hook but can not handle alternative ways. What will happen when two mail hooks copy in? Which will be the first or the second? How could you handle the sequencies when the first hook close the door and run to an alternative way? (Paypal doing this so I had to do Paypal mail modules in html email tremplate)
  8. Thanks for everybody. I have just changed the following for the goal - converted all innoDB tables to myIsam (2 table maybe this is not important) - changed sessions to file system for decrease table actions I am waiting now what will be next. Last 5 days were clear and winter is coming..
  9. @John W Max connection is 100 From stats: 83 is The maximum number of connections that have been in use simultaneously since the server started. Aborted clients: 332 The number of connections that were aborted because the client died without closing the connection properly. I have found this: so it could be a lot of reason from hardware faults to hacking and configuration problems.
  10. Update is a security update so you have to do it. PWA session is a pressed session with fake registration and keep alive until user log out or the session will be expired.
  11. it was reverted by burt
  12. My problem is that I can not see the reason only the result. Enviroment: - Shared host used but only one shop works on the site - Remote MySQL is possible on this host but not enabled
  13. Thanks @Jack_mcs I have no access to mysql log. I can reach the http log only. @Gyakutsuki I have done but no usefull information.
  14. Thanks @kymation and @frankl I am tracking errors. I would like to find the real reason. I have found a new one which is fake.