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  1. select c.* from customers c left join orders o on o.customers_id = c.customers_id where o.customers_id is not null and o.customers_guest = 1 group by c.customers_id I am not an expert of your PWA mod @raiwa but something like the above sql could help to track something for @jampjamp. Could it be correct sql query?
  2. customers_id never be duplicated due to table structure when PRIMARY KEY (customers_id) is used even if table structure is bad. I suppose that customers_id is null or mixed in session when this issue happened. This could be session recreation issue. What is the PHP version? Have you installed v2.3.4.1 update packages?
  3. @jampjamp Recreate session is true in session configuration?
  4. @Dan Cole The first quick experiencies shows me that email pixel wont be the only one thing that we should use. After one week some customers opened some never touched pixel (could be false positive if image loading disabled), so this measure option wont be 100%. "Click here to see another info" links could be better next part of measurement from emails text. The account pages could be more important than we thought so I have to link them in emails with touch parameters to identify users. HTML landing pages should be the next part of the measures. And I am thinking about download product User Manual link measurements. Emails need more user interaction. Your posted link describes very well the steps. This feature is very far at this moment from oscommerce email system..
  5. Sorry my previous posts were deleted. are there assigned "modules" group in the json file? I see only the "Content" part. There could be a lot of reason why is not working. Please give more code example.
  6. I am working on a mail tracking pixel with hooks and a mail app class so this will be lighter in the future. The new app will show opened mail stats and could give me more chance with deeper analysations in customer's behaviours. Lets see the truth.
  7. tep_mail() function is used in password_forgotten.php?
  8. @CGhoST do you get 2 emails?
  9. @CGhoST all of them should be inside when HTML mime used. HTML mime only an option for "modern" email clients only. All clients should work with TEXT emails but HTML format view only an option. When HTML Mime is false then only one TEXT format should be sent. Probably something could be wrong around if conditions in tp_email_password_forgotten.php
  10. bootstrap

    Update for BS. A great Grid tool is found here
  11. Thanks @Harald Ponce de Leon
  12. @Dan Cole We are talking not the same sorry me its my fail. There are no mailer deamons. I have shipped package returns. Only orders shipping could be failed where gmail used. Reply To and anything else is well configured. There are never found "Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender" emails. In hungary the most popular shipping method "pay on delivery" when customer be able to reject the shipping. In this case the package come back to me and I have to pay for shipping company when customers never pay. The question is why happening this. I see that this happening only when used. This is the gmail paradoxon for me. I give a real example when deamons returned: some idiots give opossite the real own email address In this case I have found correct email deamon returns from gmail to my reply address. I am talking about why only has a trouble when everything is good. Could be the order emails junked? No returns no informations. Only wrong shipping. Prevoius post you mentioned how difficult to make a correction with spammed emails. Why force gmail the users to do something which is unpossible?
  13. SPF used and gmail pass it.
  14. set session sql_mode="";
  15. I dont belive this is configuration problem of me. I dont use telephone contact with customers only email chanel used. 1 registration and 3 order email are sent. I have discovered gmail paradoxon when analised the past year unsuccessfully shipped order package returns. All non-delivered returns were email customers. They ordered something but never pick up. It means for me that something could be wrong around gmail. Gmail customers are exist over 50% in my business but all unsuccessfull delivered package (1%) referal only to gmail. How is it that gmail users are only ones whos dont want to pick up ordered products? The article adviced something: My customers are not subscribers but somehow some orders email put in junk folder. This is my assumption but never proven. If it could be true then google AI is a shit and If I pay for google to get customers than I want that google never put my emails into junk folders! But there could be another corelation between gmail and bad customers which is not to be relevated.