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  1. bluecivic21

    [CONTRIBUTION] File uploads as an Option Feature

    followed the instruction carefully and still getting thie error Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/express2/public_html/includes/classes/upload.php on line 179 Line 179 is the end of the upload.php class file. I email my host to see if php safemode is turned up but can someone please help. I also moved the messagestack about the shopping cart
  2. bluecivic21

    Can a customer "save" credit card info in "their account"

    do you think you could share that mod you did?
  3. bluecivic21

    Links Manager v1.01, please help???

    ok did anyone solved this problem yet? I can't ad links without a reciprocating?
  4. bluecivic21

    McGrath's Attributes Sorter Copier Install

    how do I copy all attribute from one product to an entire category?
  5. bluecivic21

    Could not execute curl help! please

    after getting the same error I made the changes suggested CODE if ($this->DEBUGGING == 1) $result = shell_exec ("'$cpath' -k -v -s -S -E '$key' -m 90 -d '$xml' '$host'"); else $result = shell_exec ("'$cpath' -k -s -S -E '$key' -m 90 -d '$xml' '$host'"); now I get a Page that printout everything that was being submitted to linkpoint
  6. anyone got this to work with ms2? if so can you provide the changes ( code)
  7. Hello, I would like to aligh the attriutes on the same line and not on a seperate line. if you look at this product you will see what I'm talking about I want it to look like this one http://www.securehost2.biz/eyeglassesinter...ll/walter01.asp if you look at my site http://www.softbrixtech.com/cart/catalog/p...&products_id=88 you can see how it looks currently. So I basically would like to put 2 or more attribute on the same like the site listed above Standard Attribute Listing Color white/brown/red Size: S, M,L Tint: grey, yellow etc Custom Attribute Listing COLOR: white/red/etc Size: S,M,XL Tint: Grey/yellow/etc I'm willing to give a paypal donation if someone can help me, I've been stuck on this for about 3 weeks.