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  1. anyone?
  2. Yes you take it out like paypal. Last time I withdrew it took 2 days. So far so good.
  3. How do I create a coupon that gives a 10$ discount and free shipping on a particular item? So far I love this mod. Thanks
  4. wow Gotti sorry to hear that. i hope they change their mind. so far wepay's been working well for me. i've only put about a dozen transactions through it but so far so good. i've pulled money out just as i would with paypal.
  5. so far this mod is working great. i've had a bunch of orders come through using it and so far so good.
  6. Hi, will this mod work with fedex web services v9, wepay, discount coupons (yours), and google checkout? thank you
  7. hi, with the order being stuck in "pending" on wepay's site- is that why it still says pending is oscommerce? i'm a little confused as i come from the paypal world. when a paypal payment is made i have funds immediately. wepay seems to be holding the funds which leaves me in a pickle. do i ship product or make my customer wait 2 days? if it were paypal i would ship same day. thank you apinnt for the nice mod. i'm ready to try version 2!
  8. i got it working but it doesn't pull the correct discount from discount coupons. this is a killer for me. anyone know a solution to this?
  9. glad you got it working. the real test for me will be when they approve my api and see what happens.
  10. yah man.. i missed it to. just type something in the box. don't matter what.. lol
  11. ok go to login click on "HOME" under "my accounts" click on anyhting like "send invoices" now look at the URL. it should say "" where the ####'s are your account number. that's the part i was missing.
  12. step5 is where i originally goofed. i didn't create an account in wepay. therefore i had no "account id" to put into the OSC admin section. the part in bold is the "account id". the other settings for the module come from the "your apps" section. (go to developers link from main page). here you get client ID, client secret, and access token.
  13. i was able to get it to work in sandbox mode. add item to cart, checkout, get directed to wepay, enter CC info, complete order. i even had a customer (who i now have to call) put an order through when i had it in testing mode. i didn't even download the "dumbed down version" that you posted. i'm using the regluar OSC plugin you posted initially. i'll PM you a link to my site.
  14. i put my production info back in, but i am still pending approval by wepay. so now i'm back to where i started with it taking me to the order confirmation page without doing anything. based on what you said on your blog post that's to be expected: my problem was that i was using an incorrect "account id". my client id and the rest were correct but i had to pull the account id from the end of the URL string from wepay's site. once they approve my API i'll know for sure. thanks again