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  1. ypeskov

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Hi, i have quite a strange problem. I am trying to use $breadcrumbs in product_info.php But it shows just $breadcrumbs without replacing by code. After some experiments I've found that it works correcltly if the length of placeholder is not more tat 5 symbols. I te same when I am trying to make my own placeholder. So $bread works great but $breadc is problem. What it can be?
  2. it's difficult to say exactly without seeing the site but one of the reasons could be that other browsers are not russian. You mean the pack doesn't work: it doesn't switch to russian language at all or doesn't show by default it?
  3. ypeskov

    Find Customers by Product

    Some people asked so I have added English translation. Also uploaded the version that will work with php4.
  4. This module provides possibility to search orders and clients by definite products. That is. You choose product from the catalog and get all clients who ever have bought it. Exists possibility to set filter by date. At this moment only russian language is available but if there will be need I can add english one. Requirements: PHP 5+ JavaScript uses JQuery (http://jquery.com) library which is already included with contribution. Installation. The module is tested on OsCommerce RC2.2. But it doesn't mean that it will not work on other versions. here it is