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  1. pepe4567


    Ok Jim, Thank you so much!!!
  2. pepe4567


    Do you have an stimated date to be the new version? Kind regards... Cesar
  3. pepe4567


    JIm, this contribution can be used to make cross selling? Can we link to products from this wihtout loosing session? Don't you have a screenshots? (admin and catalog if posible...) I think it can be so interesting to use for us... Thank you so much for your work. Cesar
  4. pepe4567


    Hi Jim Can we see it working in anye web? Thank you Cesar
  5. pepe4567

    [Contribution] Linked Products

    Hi Zappo: It seems so interesting. Do you have any place to see it working? Kind regards from Spain. Cesar
  6. Thank you Jan for your answer. Do you think, this will make faster the sql work? I've change my php4 server to php5 and now the search work is so slow than php4 server. RC2 changes can make this faster? Thank you again for your big work. Kind regards. Cesar
  7. Thank you for your big and good work. I have a question: I have a 2.2 ms version installed but updated to RC1. This contribution you made can't be used by me, isn't it? Its posible to make a contribution to update from "2.2 upgrade RC1" to "RC2"? Waiting your answer. Kind regards!!!
  8. pepe4567

    Get 1 Free

    Please, anyone is working on this? I think it's so important: We must can give the free product but buying many productos from categories and not only in the same product. (My php is not so good...) Greetings!!!
  9. Hello Can anyone tell why my shop loose the session using and incorrect coupon code? I remember you, when there are any mistake don't show the mistake, loose de session and goes to the login page. I have ms2.2 RC1, with php4. Any sugestion? Thankyou to all who read this. Cesar
  10. Hi saju. The link is this: www.totenart.com/tienda Try to make an order and put any code number, you will see the problem. I hope you can help me. Kind regards. Cesar
  11. Hi to everybody. I have a problem with this great contribution. I have osc 2.2ms and php4 in my server When the customer put the discount coupon number, if there are any error in this number (it's a finished coupon, it's not minium oder, ...., any reason), don't show the error, he log out the customer and go to the log-in page. Do you know where can be the problem. Thank you to all for read me. Cesar