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  1. homestead embroidery

    Store Pickup v1.5b with certain products only

    I just installed this in V2.3.1 and it works great!!!! Matt
  2. ticked off that my site got hacked. I take full blame for putting security on the back burner. Never again.

  3. homestead embroidery

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hello, i juat installed this and Ihave no idea what i did wrong. In my catalog page I get this = Save Product before adding options. Any help in fixing this. thanks Matt
  4. homestead embroidery

    product attribute customizations

    Anyone?? Maybe I am not making myself clear. I would like to be able to program product attirbutes so that when they choose one option, the other ones that follow would change to what i program, kinda like the ymm add-on
  5. homestead embroidery

    product attribute customizations

    Is there an add-on that will do the following? **** example**** Personalized Bat Bag Bag color -> BLACK Embroider Font Option -> BLOCK Thread Color -> BLACK to BROWN BROWN ETC> ETC... What we are looking for is that when a customer selects the black colored bag, the black (or any other color thread) we do not want to offer does not show up. If they choose red, the red thread is not an option. It would be the same for other products/options. Thanks Matt
  6. homestead embroidery

    Is there a way to password protect individual pages

    Yes, What we are looing to do is have a sigle page for each group. The individual page would have a single password would then be distributed by the group. Thanks for the info. Matt
  7. My wife and I do alot of work for various school groups and organizations that do not typically sell to the general public (ie. must be a member.) Is there an add-on that I can install that will allow me to install passwords to access certian pages? Thanks Matt
  8. Hey all, I am working on my site and in the index.php page i want to put several pictures of our featured items. I also want to have on mouse rollever to "enlarge" the image and then on click it take it to the correct page. I am new to this but am picking it up very fast. Can i use standard html codes to accomplish this? If not, can someone help me with the initial coding. Thanks in advance Matt