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  1. djdeuce

    Sales Tax Rate Calculation & Reporting

    for those of you looking that came to this post here is a link to the contribution i'm going to try https://apps.oscommerce.com/7gjt2&oscommerce-connector-for-taxrates
  2. What are you guys using to calculate your sales tax rates and report what is collected each month? I've been doing manually but now we have many states we have to collect city and county taxes for. I'd like to be able to load tax tables each month and have the shop charge the correct amount based on zip code. then i need to report this each month and pay the correct amounts. Avalara has the tax tables to use for free but I need a module to use. Thanks in advance!
  3. thanks for everyone's input. i guess there is no simple way to delete it from the table so i just deleted the accessory all together. it rarely sells and is causing more issues than is worth.
  4. no ive had to refund the people that accidentally have bought the item that doesn't fit. i'm watching for it now so i can cancel people on that accessory but would be much better if i can delete the item out of the box that is recommending it to people. any one now how to edit the Customers Who Bought This Also Bought box? how do i delete an item out of there? thx
  5. thanks, i tried that and people are still buying it and trying to assemble it on the item then writing bad reviews on me. i need to delete it from the box but can't find where it is stored at. do you know where?
  6. I need to remove a product showing up in the 'Customers who bought this product also purchased' box that a customer purchased with an item but it is not compatible with the item. Future customers keep buying it thinking it is recommended but it is not haha. I simply need to delete 1 product from this box displaying below my product. Anyone know how to do that? Thanks!
  7. djdeuce

    STS Makes Website Performance Slow

    Thanks FWR! I will try that Monday.
  8. djdeuce

    STS Makes Website Performance Slow

    Hi Jack, thanks for replying again! I've been watching the who's online page and there is never more than a few guests there at a time so I don't think it is bots...
  9. djdeuce

    STS Makes Website Performance Slow

    Thanks for posting Linjong. It's not the images because my admin also runs super slow and there are no pictures there. I host on a dedicated server with micfo and I only run this site and one other oscommerce site on it. My other site is super fast, no problems. Unless somehow I have to configure something different on the server to run STS I don't think that would be the problem. Does STS maybe make the site to full table scans or something? Another wierd thing with the site is that it will run fast on occasions which would make me think it is the server but that wouldn't make any sense since my other site runs fast at all times and it is also oscommerce.
  10. djdeuce

    STS Makes Website Performance Slow

    Thanks for your replies! Some browsers will work good....google chrome loads fast. Sometimes it also will run okay and other times it will be a super dog. Do a speed test with one of the websites out there that lets you run it and it shows it takes over 13 seconds to load and then 6 seconds to refresh. I guess I could load my old site to another domain to test it but it was fast before this so I'm sure it will still run fast.
  11. djdeuce

    STS Makes Website Performance Slow

    Google has already nailed this site now too. It does not even rank for it's domain keywords anymore.
  12. djdeuce

    STS Makes Website Performance Slow

    Thanks for your reply! No, I have asked them several times for a cheat sheet telling me how the new files work and they have never given me anything. They will not support the performance issue and just tell me it is my server. I've asked them if I need to change any configs on the server and they have not given me any instruction. Yeah this site is the only one using STS. My other site on that server is the same code base this site was when I handed it to this company and it runs fast, no problems. Here is the site with running slow: storageshedsonsale.com Thanks for your input!
  13. djdeuce

    STS Makes Website Performance Slow

    Thanks Jack, I turned STS off and the site is still slow. I have no idea what they did to cause this. My site had the same base code of my other sites and they run fast as usual. It isn't the images I don't think because even my admin is super slow and there are no images there. I'm guessing they must have done something to make the site do full table scans on everything but I'm stumped. @mulitmixer , yeah i have gone back and forth with them about it and the last email I showed them indisputable proof with a graph of the sites performance from google webmaster tools showing the site slow way down after they installed their code. They replied that they have already explained the problem is my server and they will not reply to the question again. Great support huh? :) What is weird is they show me the site on their server and it runs faster. Maybe they are using some kind of caching to pull this off? I checked their other sites they have worked on and all of them are slow.
  14. djdeuce

    STS Makes Website Performance Slow

    Thanks for your input Jack! I looked in my admin configuration and there is no new link there for enable / disable STS. Do you know where I can control this from?
  15. djdeuce

    STS Makes Website Performance Slow

    Thanks for your reply. My shop is old and 2.2 yes. It is heavily modified and I can't start over with a new shop. I'm stuck either getting this to work or reverting it back to before the sts. :(