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  1. Solved... I was placing the values in the handling field instead of putting them as the shipping table. >.<
  2. I've got a strange issue. As I understand it, this should be correct for the Handling field: 0:2.50,6:3.50,7:5.50,10:6.50 But shipping shows up as $0.00 If I change it to: 3:2.50,6:3.50,7:5.50,10:6.50 Shipping shows up at $3.00 That's using weight, price, or count, 2 lbs or 11, 20 items or 1, item total of $3 or $119 - no change. I've reinstalled, triple-checked my tables, everything. It's accepting the first value in the list as the cost of the shipping no matter what. Any ideas?