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  1. Hi, I have had this contribution installed for a while and it works just perfect for my site. Now I have an issue that I have tried to find an answer for in the forum but not found. I am selling products on several markets world wide and am using different currencies in my campaigns. My default currency is SEK and I would like to have the possibility to issue coupons in different currencies. Anybody know how to solve this? Greatful for any help!
  2. hanler


    Hello all, Just installed the latest version (V2.1rc2a_1) and like it a lot - but there is a bug that I have not been able to find answer to in this forum. It is occuring when a customer should check out an order and load the checkout_payment.php. This page does NOT fully load. It happens only when a customer has reached the number of points so that he can redeem. Any help is very greatful!
  3. hanler

    [Contribution] CSS Buttons Everywhere

    Hi, Just installed this and it's nice but there is still a difference between the normal button and submit buttons. Please advice how to change. Regards Hans
  4. Hi, This is a great contribution. Worked fine to install. It would be great hough to be able to choose the sub categories instead. Any "easy" way around this? Hans
  5. Hi I have installed the Easy Populate 2.76 and it works very nice. But, I have searched this forum for a while now to find out how to set it so that when a product is sold it doesn't show in the store. I have changed the setting in the easypopulate.php (EP_INACTIVE_ZERO_QUANTITIES) to true but the product is still showing. I would like it to now be shown until I have added new stock to the product. How do I do this? Thanks for your replies. Hans
  6. hanler

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Hi, I have just downloade the package and it solved a lot of problems, and created a few new ones... 1. In the category box there are "arrows" in front of each category. Can I change them somehow (color)? 2. The number indicating number of articles in the store (for each category) is on the line below: Category (234) I would like to know how i can get it to look like the folowing: Category (234) 3. Is ther now two columns in the category box? Many thx for replies and solutions! Hans