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  1. Nevermind. I figured it all out thanks anyway!
  2. Hello everyone. I just installed the Featured Products 1.6.3 add-on to my oscommerce 2.2 rc1 store and this is the link to go to for help. I've searched and searched for someone with the same exact problem as me, but couldn't find one. There were some with similar problems, but they either were never offered a solution, or there solution didn't work for me. I went through all of the steps and made sure all of the changes were made correctly. I am kind of ignorant about how to use phpMyAdmin, so that may be the reason I am getting the error I'm getting. On step 9 of the install instructions, it says: That is exactly what I did and the code was put in there right. Now, the last step before using this add-on is this: Step 17: Now you need to create the database table that will be holding the featured products. To do so, you will need to run the featured_products_english.sql file's contents in your favorite sql interface (like phpmyadmin) to your existing database. I THINK that I did this right, but I am not sure. Here is the error code that I am getting on the main page of my store now: If I've done something wrong concerning step 17, can someone please walk me through it step by step? It seems that step 17 assumes that I know more than I do about using phpMyAdmin. Thank you for any help anyone gives...
  3. Can anyone help me at all?
  4. Thanks Wayne. That seemed to fix the logged in as "s" part, but I'm still getting the same error of "Your username is invalid. Please change it and try again." Any other thoughts as to why this keeps happening?
  5. Thanks Wayne. I'm in version 2.6 as well. Actually, I am logged in a "s" and not "c". Would this fix work for that as well?
  6. Ok, I'm at a loss. I've looked through and searched through this thread many times. There have been many people with similar problems to mine, but I can't seem to figure out what the problem is. I keep getting the, "Your username is invalid. Please change it and try again" problem. I've tried my hosting username and password as well as my admin username and password and neither work. Can someone please help me? Thanks...
  7. Has this problem ever been solved? I tried fixing the usps.php with the correct wording as well, and First Class International and First Class Domestic are still not showing up...
  8. Great Contribution! Thanks Scott!
  9. Thanks Jack. I put it at zero and that did the trick...
  10. I installed and did everything that I know to do in order to get USPS Alpha 4.3 working. When I go through my store and make a purchase, it comes to the shipping part and has USPS as an option. However, you cannot select it and it says this below the USPS option: Can anyone help me as to why this is happening? Thanks...
  11. I'm having the same problem. I have all of the weights set properly on each product and the weight:price ratio set-up like the module says to, but it's overcharging for items. Any help would be appreciated...