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  1. I am trying to install coolmenu, but I have the Basic Template Structure installed. I have been looking at how the boxes are changed in the BTS mod and have been trying to make those changes to coolmenu.php. I am not having much luck. Can anyone help me?


    Thanks ahead of time.

  2. I discovered the source of the problem I had. Not a problem with Easy Populate at all, but something that may want to be added to avoid problems.


    By default, OSC creates the database with character limits (32 characters for a category name). A few of my sub-category names were longer by one or two characters, so they were being truncated and causing Easy Populate to not recognize them as category name together and therefore giving me duplicate categories. A simple check could fix this from being a problem.


    Good work on Easy Populate, works great!

  3. Am no wizz with these things, but am guessing that whilst working on your files you are saving them as .csv and then saving as tab delimited at the last save before upload. Either way, best to avoid commas and the & sign in your category description - try missing the comma (very few people notice it is gramatically incorrect) and replacing "&" with "+" - if you are using excel this is dead easy, just highlight your category columm (all of it), press "Ctrl" and "F", type in ",", hit find. Then click replace, leave it empty and hit replace all. This delets all the commas. Do the same again, but find "&" and replace with "+" - hit replace all again. Should take about 30 seconds and should fix the problems for you. If it doesn't, scream back at me on the board and I'll scratch my head and ponder it some more for you..... :blink:

    That doesn't work too well for me. My client wants to download an updated database everyday from his wholeseller, in the form of a .csv file. I rigged up a simple excel file to rearrange the columns and modify the dates so I can easily save it as tab delimited file. I suppose I can mess with excel some more to replace text, but I am looking for a more automated process rather than spending an hour every day converting one format to another. :(

  4. Whenever I upload an EP database file I get duplicate categories and subcategories if the the category name has a comma in it.


    For example, when uploading a sample database on my test site:



    Any idea how to fix this? I am using the latest version (2.73 I think).


    Also the uploaded product URLs do not seem to be working.


    Any insight on this would help. Thanks.