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  1. yeah ur right i just found out its inactive.. wonder why they email me saying my account is now active in the 1st place
  2. Hi, how did you get pass the "The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive? error? I couldnt get pass it. Ive tried all the sudgestion found on this thread and from A.net support but i get the same error everytime. I dont even know if this is relevant to my problem or not but i tried anyway. - I check and double checked Login and Transaction id, generated new Transaction id - Set Transaction Verification to 3.1 - I tried using test, secure, and certification.authorize.ne.... - Played around the "Direct Response" settings - double checked Private SSL and Curl compiled php ssl support - entering and not entering Response/Receipt URLs - editing https:// and cookie domain in my configure.php as recommended - Checked if im only cable of using SIM but A.net says my account is both AIM and SIM - mixed diffrent setting variation of the above Please help Eric checkout_payment.php?error_message=(TESTMODE)%20The%20merchant% 20login%20ID%20or%20password%20is%20invalid%20or%20the%20account%20is% 20inactive.%20-%20Your+credit+card+could+not+be+authorized+for+this+reason. +Please+correct+any+information+and+try+again+or+contact+us+for+further+assistan ce .&osCsid=80730c80015b682c7a77bb24049cb00d
  3. technoboy

    setting up Authorize.net help needed

    What do i have to do to get the Login Username and Login Transaction Key? My merchant account provider gave me TID and Merchant Account No. for Authorize.net, but never gave me Login Username and Login Transaction Key. What should i do next?
  4. technoboy


    can you show your code? how did you do this? what did you change in each affiliate_language_id query?
  5. technoboy

    Easy Populate Version 3

    for me all of the above and yes XML upload please also auto split and auto upload after split. coz like if u have a split of 30 - 40 text files with 15000 items on em, takes you all morning and afternoon specially if u have alot of attributes with it.. since you ask could you add improvement on download feature of EP? i stop downloading attributes since i already have as much as EP can take and it wont donwload anymore due to "Error: Time Exceeded" problem. but thats just simply not EP's Fault although i believe it can be overcome. one more small thing and a bit selfishness.. on EP v3, could you please make the column name easier to remember.. for example instead of v_customer_group_price_1 say "group1 price". my colueages just wont learn the right syntax for the column name grrrr! anyway i really appreciate your hardwork and support! i love you guys!
  6. technoboy

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Thank you Janz and Jeep! I appreciate your amazing support! i will try your sudgestions Thanks!
  7. technoboy

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    ok that might not be sufficient information.. i will explain my situation further so maybe you guys have other resort or idea for me. i installed login obligator contrib because i want the store to be available only for groups other than retail group, but once the customer create account, they are automatically became retail group. now i dont want customer to be on retail group after creating an account i just want them to be on pending status and not be able to enter the restricted area until admin approve their account. Please help. thank you in advance eric
  8. technoboy

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hi Im needing help, i need the retail group to be on "pending for approval status" after creating an account, admin should activate their account first before being able to login, just like other sppc groups. How do i do this? I apperaciate any input/help.
  9. hi can somebody please help me, im trying to duplicate login.php. i want to create login2.php where i will put additional wordings, and leave login.php just as it is, but i couldnt figure it out with BTS OSC. what are the steps in doing this? or atleast tell me what are the files to be edited. i appreciate any help.
  10. I have SPPC and Quantity Discount contribs I can update properly but not with v_customer_price_1 v_customer_group_id_1 if i do this error comes up 1136 - Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 INSERT INTO products_groups VALUES ( 1, 16.18, 48 ) [TEP STOP] sorry if this problem has been address already, i coundt find the fix for it Edited: This error only uccured after finish installing Quantity discount Contrib. Thank you
  11. this is my punishement for not reading the documentation... the reason why v_products_description_1 doesnt update is because i only uploaded v_products_model and v_products_description_1... but when i try to upload v_products_model, v_products_name_1 and v_products_description_1 it updated perfectly.
  12. i been using ep v2.76 for a 2 months. just now i have this problem. some products dont have descriptions, for some reason about 70% of my products its description were deleted in the database. when i try to update and upload the txt file all coloumns updates fine except v_products_description_1 even though the description shows up in the "update / new product" report after uploading.
  13. The sql file that calman wants you to run is included in the zip file of the contrib. in your phpmyadmin "sql tab" you can either use the info_tables.sql file that calman provided or you can copy and paste the sql codes from the install.txt
  14. hi! I installed New Account Email Store Owner and Customers extra fields contributions. now i need the value that the customer entered in the extra field to also be included in the email that is sent by New Account Email Store Owner contrib. im very very confused with the codes. thank you for your help in advanced
  15. technoboy

    EMail when Customer Approved for Group (SPPC)

    I have same problem, any phpwizards out there who can help us configure so that it will automatically send email the customer that he is now on this group. thank you in advance for helping