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  2. is there a module developed already that will allow you to calculate different shipping costs based upon the manufacture location? for example: i have products in my store from manufacture A and manufacture B. manufacture A ships out of new york city, NY, USA. manufacture B ships out of San Fransisco, CA, USA. when a customer submits an order, his card is charged. we then relay the appropriate information on to the respective manufactures, and they ship the products directly to the customer. I want the shipping charges to be calculated based on where the products will be shipping from, not where the store is located. does this make sense?
  3. well after much thrashing in pain (j/k) i think i have come up with something quite usefull for everyone. I would like some people to try out my module and report back to me all bugs / problems / changes they would like with this module BEFORE i release it into mainstream. my email is THIS IS BETA CODE ---- THIS IS BETA CODE ---- THIS IS BETA CODE THIS IS BETA CODE ---- THIS IS BETA CODE ---- THIS IS BETA CODE
  4. I have a client currently using Webstores 2000. In this program, the administrator can create a product such as a flashlight. He can then create additional products like battery recharger, lens, cases. These additional products can be purchased as accessories to the flashlight, or by themselves. The administrator would then mark those additional products as accessories to the flashlight. When the customer clicks on the flashlight, he sees those accessories. Does OS Commerce has such a module created or being created yet?
  5. what snapshot date are you running? please check to make sure you have these things in your store: 1. on or around line #270 in admin/orders.php you should see: tep_draw_form('serial_form', FILENAME_ORDERS, 'action=update_serial&oID=' . $oID . '&serial=' . $order->products[$i]['id'], 'post', '') . 2. on or around line #95 in admin/includes/classes/order.php you should see: 'id' => $orders_products['products_id'], 3. on or around line #83 in admin/includes/classes/order.php you should see: $orders_products_query = tep_db_query("select orders_products_id, products_id, products_name, products_model, products_price, products_tax, products_quantity, final_price, products_serial_number from " . TABLE_ORDERS_PRODUCTS . " where orders_id = '" . tep_db_input($order_id) . "'"); 4. check the table 'orders_products' in your database to make sure there really is values in the field 'products_id'.
  6. if you sell a piece of hardware such as a computer firewall or software or something, you can enter the serial # for that product right on the invoice before you send it out.
  7. could you be more specific about the error you recieved. i will go check my code again, but from a fast glance, your update would change the serial numbers for all the prodcuts in the orders, not a specific product in that order.
  8. This module been posted to the oscommerce download site. Please test and send all feedback back to me so I can keep this a top-notch mod. 8),946
  9. okey dokey then. give a few - im gonna start on this now. btw, im using the 20030203 daily snapshot as my codebase - hope thats not going to cause problems for you.
  10. ok. I have arrived at the same position you are at quicklyshop, and i will write the mod. so we need to display serial #s on the invoice. where do you imagine you will want to enter the serial # into the system at? on what screen? my initial thought is to have a 'enter serial #' or 'edit serial #' link next to each item on the order review page under the customer section, in the admin site. you would click on 'enter serial #' if no serial # exists and click on 'edit serial #' if there is already a serial # for that product. when you print out the invoice and/or packing slip, the links wont show up. the serial # will appear some like this in the product attributes section: " -- product serial number: xxxxxxxxxxx " did you have something else in mind?
  11. well, currently the mod is setup with two fields that are set when the account is created by the user, and can be adjusted later by the user or the admin. 1st field - 'tax exempt' = simple yes / no drop down list 2nd field - 'tax exemt id' = text input box where you would enter your tax exempt id #. the way this works is if the user selects yes to tax exempt, his entire order will be tax-free. This sounds like it might work for your group 12 tax exemption example. as far as a private individual being tax exempt on select items, that is not supported currently. this sounds like the tax exempt drop down list should be changed to something like this (i will make this list dynamically editable, so the admin can fill in the appropriate tax classes): 'Not Tax Exempt' 'US - 501C Tax Exempt' 'US - 503C Tax Exempt' 'UK - VAT Group # Tax Exempt' 'UK - Individual Tax Exempt Class' and then in the product screens, the admin could check the appropriate tax exemption classes for that particular product (these too would be dyamically displayed based on tax exempt classes defined above). the mod currently adjusts the price dynamically at checkout time to remove the appropriate taxes. I am currently working on an email function to send email for the user to fax in the appropriate matching tax exempt documents that correspond with the tax exempt id they have. if the users are already defined, then you will have to go through each one and select the appropriate tax exempt class for them (or perhaps send them an email asking them to update their tax status) .
  12. My module is desgined to take care of US 501C & 503C tax exemptions. I am working on some code right now to make the module send email to the customer requesting a faxed or emailed copy of the actualy 501C and/or 503C tax exemption forms. if canada (and other countries are different) and if you know their law, then I will try to add support for those countries as well. I had heard that someone else was working on a tax exempt module as well, but I have not seen it yet. (and my boss wanted something to be put up quickly :? )
  13. Just wanted to make everyone aware of my module I wrote for my company this week, which I released on this site.,944 This supports US Tax Exempt status, as well as gerneric us organization discounts. If someone could provibe a button for the admin page, that would be great! (i am terrible with graphics) If anyone has suggestions / commants ways to improve this module, please let me know.
  14. its a PHP setting: zlib.output_compression = On
  15. actually what i really meant is that if your using the 2003/01/22 snapshot (which has this already included) with transparent zlib compression enabled, then adding this code to the store again broke things for me. :roll: