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  1. BTW i have problems with sid killer installation. but i resolve it. instead of if (isset($sid)) { $link .= $separator . $sid; } i find such a code if (isset($_sid)) { $link .= $separator . $_sid; } that's why i add if (isset($_sid) && ( !$kill_sid ) ) { $link .= $separator . $_sid; }
  2. Hello can somebody help me . i install SID Killer module, but when i try to install SEF ... it's appear an error. the problem is, that after installation url-s are really short, but some links (not all) bring me "Product cann't find" text. my site is http://headsetplus.com/index.php. just now i delete SEF, but when i install it, links from the images on the bottom of the main site --> "Cann't find this product" can somebody help me? what's the reason ? may be the problem was in my site? thx