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  1. As I said before, to solve my problem I had to eliminate the constant. When he asked me to send him my files for review, I had to add it again. It is very possible that at that particular point I did not put all the code, that something happened to me. I apologize for it.
  2. The online translator I use is not always perfect. I regret the bad translations. In my case, in my particular case, The constant is what prevents the minimum length of the telephone field from being checked. Once it is removed, check the minimum length of the field. Do not add anything because the file is basically a clone with some modifications to create_account.php. If one file works perfectly the other must also do it. In fact it does in my case once I have removed the constant, now works correctly. I do not know why it happens, I just know that it happens to me and it seems that my case is unique, nobody else has happened to him. It may also be that no one has checked it before, it is taken for granted the goodwill of the people, it is assumed that the customer will enter all the numbers. I discovered it by mistake, I entered a single number and to my surprise it was not verified if it was correct or not. The question is that if someone else has the same problem already knows what to do, remove the constant. My specific case may be unique or not and there are more users with the same problem without knowing that they have this problem. I give it for solving even if it does not really know why it happened. I repeat. I do not speak English and I use an online translator. If the bad translation has caused any communication problem I apologize.
  3. It is what I say from the first moment, that only serves to show or not the field. That the requirement interferes in some way in the result is another question. The requirement is something so simple that it should not interfere in any way and yet it interferes, at least to me, in my concrete and particular case. I do not know why it happens but it does. I use oscommerce BootStrap EDGE for about 1 year and this is the first time that something like that happens to me. Even in the 9 years that I have been using osCommerce in different versions I had happened before.
  4. @raiwa They are already sent but you will not find anything unusual. I assume you meant the file cm_pwa_login instead of cm_paypal_login as indicated. If I am wrong, let me know. Although I have it installed I do not have the option to identify through PayPal. Deleting the variable will solve the problem, to me now it works me correctly.
  5. If I put a single number in the telephone field, pwa admits it It's what comes in the order. The minimum set pwa does not respect.
  6. I'm going to remove what I have, I'll put your files and I'll make some screenshots.
  7. I have added some extra fields. To avoid conflicts I used YOUR file unmodified. The result is the same, there is an error.
  8. Sorry, I have written it in Spanish, I have not translated it. Everywhere is big, appears as True. There is no difference between upper and lower case.
  9. En todas partes está en grande, aparece como True. No hay diferencias entre mayusculas y minusculas.
  10. Have you tried to put fewer numbers than the minimum set? I did it by mistake and that's why I know there is a bug. For me now it works perfectly without the variable. If I put it gives me the error mentioned, I can put a number of a single number and pwa gives it as valid.
  11. It is not that the variable is false and therefore does not work. If it were set to false, the phone field would not be displayed. This is true and the phone field is displayed. Or I was because I deleted the variable. My phone number is, a 9-digit number. 9 digits is the minimum length I have set in the admin for the phone field. If I only put 1 digit, no matter what, pwa gives it as valid when the valid is 9 digits. In the order leaves that number that pwa has given by valid. Let us assume that it is the first, 6. If my phone is 9 digits but pwa is satisfied with only 1 to give it as valid, what do I call that number? Frame 6 and I hope the smartphone is so smart as to guess the rest of the numbers? The question is not that the variable is true or false, the question is that the variable interferes and does not let you verify how many numbers have been set to minimum to give it as valid. Do the test yourself, place a test order with pwa and the phone field set to several numbers. You can put any number of numbers you want as long as it is below the minimum set in the admin. You will see how you can follow the process. If you then go to the admin and look at the pwa client's tab before it is deleted alone, you will automatically see that in the phone field there is only that number that you have put before. Even if you look at the order at the end of the order, you will see that only the number in the phone field appears. It assumes that the customer is going to enter all the numbers and that is not always the case, I have been given cases in which they do not want to give their number and have placed as many zeros as they have been necessary. Other times they have been wrong and have put more numbers.
  12. If I set it to true it displays the phone field. If I put it in false does not show it, it does not come out. Being true does not verify if the field is 1 digit or are 9 digits, at the moment there is 1 digit goes to the next point in the process. I can put only 1 digit, I can put 2 digits, I can put 3 digits, it does not matter, it does not verify the amount of digits that I have set in the admin like minimum quantity, at the moment that there is something, no matter what quantity, it happens to the next one He passed. When deleting the variable now if it verifies how many digits has to have the field and gives error if it is not correct. I think the variable interferes. My store is about 1 year old with the BS EDGE version, it was installed from zero so I very much doubt that it is anything else that interferes. I used your original file, not the one I have modified with more additional fields, and the same thing happens, go to the next point when entering 1 digit. Does it look normal that my phone number is 1, 12 or 123? Not because it is 123456789 which is what I have set in admin. Where are the other numbers? Put what you put it is recorded like this, without checking if it is correct or not. Can I explain myself better now? Lo repito en Español, lo siento, parece que la traducción no es correcta o yo no soy capaz de explicarme. Si lo pongo en true muestra el campo teléfono. Si lo pongo en false no lo muestra, no sale. Estando en true no verifica si el campo es 1 digito o son 9 digitos, en el momento que hay 1 digito pasa al siguiente punto del proceso. Puedo poner sólo 1 digito, puedo poner 2 digitos, puedo poner 3 digitos, no importa, no verifica la cantidad de digitos que tengo establecido en el admin como cantidad mínima, en el momento que hay algo, no importa que cantidad, pasa al siguiente paso. Al eliminar la variable ahora si verifica cuantos digitos tiene que tener el campo y da error si no es correcto. Pienso que la variable interfiere. Mi tienda tiene 1 año aproximadamente con la versión BS EDGE, se instaló desde cero así que dudo mucho que sea otra cosa la que interfiera. He usado su archivo original, no el que tengo modificado con mas campos adicionales, y ocurre lo mismo, pasa al siguiente punto al introducir 1 digito. ¿Ve normal que mi número de teléfono sea 1, 12 o 123? no porque es 123456789 que es lo que tengo establecido en el admin. ¿Donde están los demás números? ponga lo que ponga se graba así, sin verificar si es correcto o no. ¿Me explico mejor ahora?.
  13. In true it shows the field, false does not show it. Deleting the variable no longer gives an error. Here are the changes I have made in account_pwa.php Point 1 if (GUEST_CHECKOUT_TELEPHONE == 'True'){ if (strlen($telephone) < ENTRY_TELEPHONE_MIN_LENGTH) { $error = true; $messageStack->add('create_account', ENTRY_TELEPHONE_NUMBER_ERROR); } } Changed by if (strlen($telephone) < ENTRY_TELEPHONE_MIN_LENGTH) { $error = true; $messageStack->add('create_account', ENTRY_TELEPHONE_NUMBER_ERROR); } Point 2 $sql_data_array = array('customers_firstname' => $firstname, 'customers_lastname' => $lastname, 'customers_email_address' => $email_address, 'customers_guest' => '1'); if (GUEST_CHECKOUT_TELEPHONE == 'True') $sql_data_array['customers_telephone'] = $telephone; if (ACCOUNT_GENDER == 'true') $sql_data_array['customers_gender'] = $gender; Changed by $sql_data_array = array('customers_firstname' => $firstname, 'customers_lastname' => $lastname, 'customers_email_address' => $email_address, 'customers_telephone' => $telephone, 'customers_guest' => '1'); if (ACCOUNT_GENDER == 'true') $sql_data_array['customers_gender'] = $gender; Point 3 <?php if (GUEST_CHECKOUT_TELEPHONE == 'True'){ ?> <div class="form-group has-feedback"> <label for="inputTelephone" class="control-label col-sm-3"><?php echo ENTRY_TELEPHONE_NUMBER; ?></label> <div class="col-sm-9"> <?php echo tep_draw_input_field('telephone', NULL, 'required aria-required="true" id="inputTelephone" placeholder="' . ENTRY_TELEPHONE_NUMBER_TEXT . '"', 'tel'); echo FORM_REQUIRED_INPUT; ?> </div> </div> <?php } ?> Changed by <div class="form-group has-feedback"> <label for="inputTelephone" class="control-label col-sm-3"><?php echo ENTRY_TELEPHONE_NUMBER; ?></label> <div class="col-sm-9"> <?php echo tep_draw_input_field('telephone', NULL, 'required aria-required="true" id="inputTelephone" placeholder="' . ENTRY_TELEPHONE_NUMBER_TEXT . '"', 'tel'); echo FORM_REQUIRED_INPUT; ?> </div> </div> It seems that the variable interferes. Once it is removed it works perfectly. And the last thing I was referring to was to make a field not mandatory without editing any files. Also make sure that a field never leaves. This is what was done in version 2.2 of osCommerce. Best Regards
  14. The phone field does not fail in the create_account file. However if it fails in the account_pwa file. To prevent something previously installed conflict I have used its original file without modification and still giving error. When entering 1 only digit it gives by valid and continues the process, does not verify if the field has established that they are but digits or not. In the end I have managed to work by deleting the variable GUEST_CHECKOUT_TELEPHONE, asking if you want to display the field or do not want to display it. Now if you check how many digits are set at least. If I do not want the field (that is to say that if I want it) I just have to comment on your request when creating the account and set it in the admin nothing. Do not zero, nothing, leave the field empty.
  15. Well ... it works halfway. The registered customer does not lose the session and that is fantastic. The bad thing is that the telephone field remains the same, just enter 1 digit and give it as valid and continue the process. In order for the registered client to not lose the session, it must be in true of modules->content->cm_cs_pwa_products_purchased. If you change it to false the unregistered client continues as if it were registered and your account is not deleted when you press to exit or to expire your session. This was already version 2.2r2, not a novelty.