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  1. I imagine you need it INSIDE the drop-down menu, right? Right now I'm busy, I'm sorry, as soon as I can, I get to it.
  2. Something fast Edit catalog/includes/modules/boxes/bm_manufacturers.php Search lines 65, 66 and 67 $data = tep_draw_form('manufacturers', tep_href_link('index.php', '', $request_type, false), 'get') . tep_draw_pull_down_menu('manufacturers_id', $manufacturers_array, (isset($_GET['manufacturers_id']) ? $_GET['manufacturers_id'] : ''), 'onchange="this.form.submit();" size="' . MAX_MANUFACTURERS_LIST . '" style="width: 100%"') . tep_hide_session_id() . '</form>'; Add below $data .= '<a href="' . tep_href_link('allmanufacturers.php') . '">' . MODULE_BOXES_MANUFACTURER_BOX_ALLMANUFACTURERS . '</a>'; Add to language file catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/boxes/bm_manufacturers.php define('MODULE_BOXES_MANUFACTURER_BOX_ALLMANUFACTURERS', 'All Manufacturers'); It would be necessary to polish the code but as it is something quick... Best regards from Spain
  3. reflex-ocasion

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    @Harald Ponce de Leon I do not know if they have communicated it before, I have not read all the thread. When updating, new files are downloaded to the admin folder that does not exist because it is renamed for security. If during the installation of the store ask in which folder you want to install the admin, Why the module does not have it present? That would have to be modified by DIR_WS_ADMIN, which is where the name of the admin folder that each one indicated when installing the store appears. And in passing mention that you should ask during the installation of the store if the domain we have in http or https ("mandatory" by google) to install it in one way or another.
  4. reflex-ocasion

    Remove client database addresses

    Checking the box is manual mode, right? It is what I have done. I have not tried the cron mode yet. With whos_online, how many users are there at that time. When I see the sessions table I see how many sessions there are, many more than users. When executing the cleaning of the sessions table, a message says that the database has been optimized. When going to the sessions table, I continue to see exactly the same number of sessions as before the optimization.
  5. reflex-ocasion

    Remove client database addresses

    @Jack_mcs Last night I did the test with this addon and at least the empty table session did not work. Use EDGE for what it's worth. Also to verify if the addon has updates has the wrong url, it is from another addon. My first store was version 2.2rc2a when I installed PWA. Then I upgraded to 2.3.4 and now EDGE. Then the error in PWA follows because I have never cleaned those tables from the database. By SuperTracker I know that the database can become very slow due to so much accumulated garbage. Since then I do periodically cleaning, but never from the customer tables or address_book.
  6. reflex-ocasion

    Admin backend menu to far left?

    In spite of everything I will answer ... sometimes the problems are caused by the browser that we are using since there are things that everyone interprets in their own way. For example we have to put border 0 in all the images because if we do not do it IExplorer puts a black frame. No other browser does it, only IE. My advice is to have several browsers installed and to see in each of them how the store behaves every time we install an addon. Of course we will have our favorite browser as the default browser. Each time we install a new browser it will ask us if we want to set it as default to what we will answer that we do not.
  7. reflex-ocasion

    Remove client database addresses

    After observing the code with a clearer head, I see that both OSC and an addon published by me (delete account) do exactly what I need. Whether it is from the admin or the client who does it, all those extra addresses are automatically deleted when the account is deleted. What I do not understand is because I have some more addresses that should have been deleted and have not been deleted. I suspect that the problem already corrected comes from when I installed purchase without account in my store version 2.2rc2a. At the time I reported that since its installation the same customer could register several times with the same email. They replied that it was impossible but I was seeing it so if it was possible. After that I updated from zero to 2.3.4 and more than a year ago to BS. In none of these versions has this incidence been repeated. If it happened that the account was not deleted when the session expired and the client wanted to buy again. The system said that it had to be identified because it recognized its email giving an error in the password, but when it requested a new password it did not provide it or it was useless because the system did not recognize it as a registered client. Fortunately, that is already solved. What I sell are photography accessories and my clients rarely repeat and when they do it has been years since the last purchase. That's why I do not want to eliminate inactive customers, because they can buy again. As I said before, I have been using OsC for 11 years with 3 different versions of the platform and the problem comes from the first and part of the second version. I have also changed at least 5 times of hosting. The fact that there is useless data, especially in the configuration table, I know perfectly, there are many badly programmed addons that add data to that table but then, when they are uninstalled, they are not deleted. My problem is specifically in the address_book table and what I see caused a badly programmed or improperly installed addon the first time. I thought it was a problem that could affect everyone and I was wrong, it only affects me, so I take my question for granted. Thank you all for the interest shown!!!
  8. reflex-ocasion

    Remove client database addresses

    A customer can have multiple addresses but when their account is deleted only the primary address is deleted. How can the other addresses be deleted if they exist? After 11 years working with osC I have the database a bit saturated and I'm doing cleaning. Spanish laws require to keep invoices for a minimum of 5 years, although they are recommended 6. From there, there is no obligation to keep obsolete old orders, they can be eliminated and that is what I am doing. The problem is that many have two addresses because they are gifts that are made to each other or that they want to receive it at home but that the invoice is made on behalf of the company or similar situations. When you delete those orders they only delete the main address, not the others, and that is filling the database little by little. I'm afraid that at any moment it will be corrupted. Provisionally I am doing it manually but I would like to know if there is a way to do it automatically. Doing so is slow and heavy, very heavy. There must be a simple form but right now I am also saturated checking one by one each data from the different tables in the database so as not to make an error. Thanks in advance for the help, it is something that we would all appreciate since it had never been raised because it has not been given due importance.
  9. reflex-ocasion

    How to Alpha Split sub-Categories and Manufacturers?

    I have not tried it but in theory it should work the same. It would be necessary to edit the file, look for the lines of code of the alphabet (they are striking, there is no confusion), copy at least one of them, paste it before or after the alphabet and change the letter by a number. Repeat nine more times, one for each number.
  10. reflex-ocasion

    How to Alpha Split sub-Categories and Manufacturers?

    It's ready. Replace the file with this one and you're done. If a letter of the alphabet does not have manufacturers it does not show anything. It would be necessary to add a text similar to when there are no products in a category. Another option would be to eliminate/comment on each letter of the alphabet that does not have manufacturers. My children are on school holidays, that's why I've taken longer, I'm sorry. allmanufacturers.php
  11. reflex-ocasion

    How to Alpha Split sub-Categories and Manufacturers?

    I have integrated the code and does absolutely nothing of what it says, the page continues as before. It may not work in the current osC version. I'm trying something else, it's for products, so I have to adapt it to manufacturers. There is a lot of useless code that I must remove with caution.
  12. reflex-ocasion

    How to Alpha Split sub-Categories and Manufacturers?

    First of all I have to say that the module was not created by me, I have only adapted it to BS. I understand that what you need is that you order alphabetically (it already does) and that on each page a manufacturer leaves in order to be able to locate a particular manufacturer more quickly, right? It is not difficult or complicated, I remember that an addon already did that, possibly an earlier version of this same addon. You just have to copy that code and add it to this addon. If you give me a little time I can search for it and integrate it.
  13. reflex-ocasion

    RMA Returns System for osC2.3.4BS

    More errors. When creating a return from the admin there are two errors in the email that is sent to the client. Edit catalog/admin/return_create.php Search $email_link = tep_href_link('returns_track.php', '', 'SSL', false); Replace the part that says tep_href_link by tep_catalog_href_link Not making this change causes the email to leave the access path to our admin. In the same file search $email_text .= EMAIL_TEXT_RETURNS_THANKS . EMAIL_TEXT_RETURNS_SENT . EMAIL_TEXT_RETURNS_CLOSE . EMAIL_TEXT_RETURNS_CONTACT_OPEN . EMAIL_TEXT_RETURNS_WARNING; eliminate the part that says EMAIL_TEXT_RETURNS_CONTACT_OPEN, that definition does not exist anymore Do exactly the same in the file catalog/return_product.php I have not found more errors. That does not mean that there are not.
  14. 322.37 - 21% = 254.67 It is the same operation with taxes. To break down a percentage you do not subtract that percentage, it is divided. Neither is it multiplied nor do other subsequent operations, it simply divides. 322.37 subtotal / 1.21 tax = 266.42 322.37 - 266.42 = 55.95 322.37 subtotal / 1.40 discount = 230.26 322.37 - 230.26 = 92.11 332.27 total / 1.40 discount = 237.34 332.27 - 237.34 = 94.93 The tax module is the best proof that the discount module does not correctly apply the percentage. A fixed amount yes, the percentage does not. It does not matter if the discount is total or subtotal, the result should be 94 or 92 depending on whether it applies, not 128 as shown.
  15. If I add taxes to an amount, how do I break it down later? The tax module works perfectly, and with my mathematics. See second capture, the one from my store live and check. I repeat it here so I do not have to turn the page back. By that same rule of 3 the discount percentage must work the same and it does not. It does not matter if it is with the shipping included or not, it does not matter if it is with taxes included or not, the percentage that shows is not the correct one. You must show a percentage equal to that of taxes, if it is 21% then 21, if 40% then 40. What it does is that if it is 40% it shows 66.6666% Because the breakdown of taxes is correct while the breakdown of the discount is not? 266.42 + 21% = 322.37 is ok 203.32 + 40% = 284.65 NOT is ok. Nevertheless 203.32 + 65% = 335.48 which is more or less correct.