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  1. ashvattha

    Contribution: Reciprocal Links

    Hello I like the size 778 because it is that small. It looks like an A4 page,. like in the real paper world. It is a bit of a puzzle sometimes because I display 5 images on a line. 5x135 pix which is already 675 pix ... I hope the upload works again. Thanks sit Best regards Johan de Groot
  2. ashvattha

    Contribution: Reciprocal Links

    Hello Sir Thanks for your pleasant contribution. However I have edited the shop towards a fixed width of 778 with the Basic Design Pack by toybear, Unfortunately all pages of your modification have "the old" dimesions, so it breaks out of the middle section. Can you tell me how to correct this easily? Thank you for your time Best regards Ashvattha https://shop.ashvattha.org
  3. Sir I would like to change the images from .css stylesheet based to plain .gifs. However if i remove the buttons entry in the bdp stylesheet.css nothing changes. Please advise Thank you ashvattha example
  4. ashvattha

    tntpostf no show at checkout

    Webmaster, please remove, problem solved, i made a slight edit error, thanks.
  5. ashvattha

    tntpostf no show at checkout

    Hi I have installed the new files, i have edited the neccessary files, i have the fields 'tnt_f_tr', 'tnt_f_sb' and 'tnt_f_cs' to database table 'products'. I have filles the database with the zones and geozones. I have 2 shipping possibilities enabled: flat rate AND TNTpostf. But the TNT shipping options does not appear. In the catalogue there is nothing where I can choose my preferred shipping possibilities. I'm kind of stuck. Have checked everything thrice. Actually I would only use registered/priority boxes within Europe, and have no need for letters. My adres is https://shop.ashvattha.org/ Please advise or tell me what stupid thing I did or forgot/did not see Thanks a lot Ashvattha
  6. Hallo

    Niet zeker of dit de juiste plaats is voor mijn vraag, ik zal zien.

    Ik verstuur (bijna) alleen maar registered/aangetekend per TNT naar het buitenland en in sommige gevallen binnen nederland. Zal/moet ik dan nog een extra line in de dB aanbrengen of kan/moet ik dat dan per artikel invoeren.

    Bedankt alvast voor je reaktie.

    vr groeten

    Johan de Groot