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    Authorize.net SIM Configuration

    Looking for the settings information to use SIM rather than AIM for authorize.net The PCI is a pain in the ass but I can manage, just wanna make it easier on the owners. again the settings i have tried came from various threads on this site but they are all old threads and I dont know if the process/settings have changed
  2. Cymon Sez

    Authorize.net SIM Configuration

    The information seem to be vague at best, Ive tried searches and have only turned up results that are years old and don't seem to be related to the problem I'm having. So here we go..... Downloaded and installed the latest certified SIM version from the addons for ver 2.3. Set up the information I have been using with AIM(now disabled while I set up SIM) for years and enabled the module in a live environment. created an order and checked out, it redirects me to authorize.nets form and I enter real credit card info(no test numbers, its live) and click the pay now button. the site redirects me to my website.com/login.php upon checking the transaction is captured/pending settlement telling me the payment was made but not returned to my website and added to the order table Currently I have not set the Default Receipt URL and the Default Relay Response URL as I have tried it several ways and none have worked so far. I can use AIM just fine but want to avoid some of the PCI headaches by doing this offsite. Running out of ideas so if you have any insight please share, yes I have read a lot of the threads regarding the settings and seen it several ways and have tried them all.
  3. 2.4 directory and file structure is different I am looking at latest on github which has the dir and file structure of 2.3.4 with all the changes I listed earlier(even says 2.3.4 in version checker) Looking for clarification here not trying to doom the world just a bit confused on the release numbers
  4. @@newburns the 960gs has been removed from version 2.3.4 on osc and replaced with bootstrap language, cart and currencies have all been changed to sessions as well as http vars have been updated to superglobals(other changes as well), Burts version still has the codebase from from the looks of it
  5. So the latest release(2.3.4) is now using bootstrap and Burt is creating his own version which is labeled as 2.3.4-bootstrap. I like it dont get me wrong..........however the latest release is way ahead of Burts version as far as updates go, why? Looking at file commits on github they just dont line up version number wise its a bit confusing. Oh and Burt your version looks better :thumbsup: