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  1. I'm not 100% clear on something... is the products_model field required? I'm trying to use EP on a site with a tonne of products and none of them have a products_model (they're books, it makes no sense to use that field.) The field is blank in the database. Does something need to be in there before I begin?
  2. EmDash

    Wishlist 3.0 Support Thread

    I've got wishlist installed and it appears to be working perfectly, except emails are not being sent out when I try to test it. There's no error, it claims it was successful, but nothing's showing up in my inbox. I verified it's not the email server in general by sending an email to my test account from admin. Email in general is working. Anyone else have a similar problem/know what the problem is?
  3. :rolleyes: I figured I would post how I got around this, in case others are looking for the same thing. I used the table rate module. I set up each shipping zone as a tax zone: one for B.C. containing only B.C., one for the prairie provinces including those, and one for the rest of Canada with all the other provinces/territories. I followed the directions here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=137263 to create three separate .php files for each table rate. I set all products to weigh exactly 1 kg. I set each table to relate to the correct zone, and configured the rate table to look something like this: 1:8.00,2:8.50,3:9.00,4:9.50,5:10.00,6:10.50,7:11.00,8:11.50,9:12.00,999999:12.50 This means 1 product is $8 for shipping. 2 is $8.50. Because they all weight 1 kg. The 999999 is to allow up to 1 million products to ship at the capped rate, $12.50. You could also do it so 10 or more products is free or something. Obviously the other two tables have different rates, but follow the 1:price,2:price,3:price, etc format. I hope this helps someone else.
  4. Hi all, I'm setting up a website to sell books and DVDs within Canada. The way the client wants shipping to work is, a flat rate for each area: B.C., prairies, and the rest of Canada... for each first item. Each additional item at 50 cents each. I've looked at First Item Plus modules but they specify zones by country code... that does me no good since we're dealing with regions in Canada, not countries. Any advice for setting this up? I am not a programmer though I can mess around with .php if given clear enough instructions.
  5. EmDash

    UPS xml - not showing up under admin...

    Thanks for the quick response! I'm not overlooking it in the admin panel, I'm still getting only the five default shipping modules (flat rate, per item, table rate, United States Postal Service, zone rates). I just tried it a second time on the testing server. I had the same problem. Then I double checked my files on the server. The catalog/includes/modules/shipping directory somehow got a shipping subdirectory created by my ftp program (Dreamweaver fwiw), and the upsxml.php file was in there. I moved them back to where they should be (one level up), and now I can find it as a module in admin. I thought it may be the same issue on the site's server, but no, all files are present and correct and still no UPS module in admin. I'm guessing it's a file permission problem then.
  6. I'm hoping someone here can help me. I've got a fresh install of osCommerce 2.2 RC2a. I've tried to install the UPS xml (1.3.5) contribution... done it twice now according to the directions in the readme.txt file. (Unless there's a secret undocumented step, I didn't miss any.) When I go to the site's admin, it just doesn't show up as a shipping module. It's not there in the list so I can't activate it. Anyone come across this before? Any thoughts on how to fix this?