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    Santiago Berniz
  1. sberniz


    Thanks Jack, i tried it without the quarantine option one more time, this time it worked ! thanks
  2. sberniz

    Customizable local delivery

    MINI UPDATE, I DO HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM WITH THE "STORE PICKUP '' CONTRIBUTION AS WELL, I'M GUESSING IS SOMETHING IN THE CODE PASSING SOME 'CHARACTERS' Which the new security update does not allow, however, i dont know which one, any help appreciated, Santiago
  3. sberniz

    Customizable local delivery

    Hi, I need Help with the "LOcal delivery option" It was working fine, but after I installed some security updates it seems, as well as i had to remove and move again store files to the website, NOw, everytime i choose local delivery option the Page Returns to the same page, it does not go to the next "payment" page. anyy help asap apreciated ! Thanks
  4. sberniz


    Thanks Jack, I tried that too, however, still comes out with the same results.
  5. sberniz


    I installed this contribution however, everytime i run it, with the "delete reference" it deletes my entire site!!?? any ideas?