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  1. Qwackmaster

    GoEMerchant Payment Module...Anyone?

    Has anyone completed a Goemerchant contribution? Would really like to know. Thanks
  2. Qwackmaster

    [Contribution] Infobox Admin

    Yeah, I think it's called "INFOBOX HEADER IMAGES." Downloaded it, but the zip file is broken. Can't open it up. :?
  3. Qwackmaster

    [Contribution] Infobox Admin

    Hello Lango. I am very, very excited about this contribution. It will become an integral part of my overall design. My questions for you are: (1) Do you know a module that will allow me to actually CREATE new infoboxes in the admin? (2) Do you know of a way to CUSTOMIZE individual infobox header/footer graphics within the admin? What about borders, background colors, etc for each box? (3) Do you know of a way to EDIT the contents of each infobox from the admin? Like a simple way to cut-n-paste text or HTML into a box...preview changes...and submit? I think that these 3 features combined with the power of your Infobox Admin module would make the most dynamic and customizable use of OSC to date! Any ideas? Thank you.
  4. Wondering if someone can look at this with me. I've completed the install and adjustments through the ADMIN, but the Surepay option won't appear in the Payment screen of the checkout. Do I need to insert a line of PHP code into checkout_payment.php? I have checked and rechecked the Surepay Mod. README file to make sure the ADMIN is set properly, but still no luck. Any ideas? Thanks a MILLION! ~Jason
  5. Qwackmaster

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    I'm all over this one too! Once I get OSC set up I will do my part to help create/test such a system. I'm far from a PHP programmer or MySQL wizard, but for a complete and robust system like this, it would be worth the time and energy to learn!!! :D
  6. And By the way... I just checked your new shop: http://www.umpquaindianfoods.com/catalog I am so impressed! Hope my store turns out half that good. :D
  7. Just downloaded the contribution file (1.1), but am unfamiliar with using telnet. Is there a way to unpack the file on my local machine and FTP everything to the server? Or could someone send me the files in a Windows .zip file? Last thing...is there a guide to installing and working with these add-ons? Thanks for any pointers. :D ~Jason