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  1. 8thperson

    Problems using SEO URLs Addons

    but i have tried almost every contribution, but didn't succeed, even after rechecking the installation , still :(
  2. 8thperson

    Problems using SEO URLs Addons

    No am at Linux server, and my server says that mod_rewrite module is enabled by default... and my oscommerce version uses cPath method, instead of cName...
  3. hi guys , i am using oscommerce based online shop and m a mediocre php developer, but i am still unable to run any of SEO friendly urls addons. every time i install some addone, i prefectly modify every file as guided in installation guide, and also modify .htaccess file. but when i run, i generates all urls sucessfully, but when ever clicked on any link, browser displays error, page not found. by this i gues, installation is working perfectly ie; it generates perfect seo urls, but once clicked on any link, modrewrite module of apache server fails to redirect/recognise the correct url and hence broser displays "page not found" error... hosting is www.posgallery.com and my oscommerce online shop is in www.posgallery.com/Backyard folder, and .htaccess file i modify is also in this folder... plz guide me frends, what to do now...
  4. 8thperson

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    i installed SEO-G right now but m facing an error saying Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/html/includes/application_top.php on line 514 the code of the file starts with //-MS- SEO-G Added if( !isset($g_seo_flag) || $g_seo_flag !== true) { // start the timer for the page parse time log define('PAGE_PARSE_START_TIME', microtime()); // set the level of error reporting this error is because of unclosed if condition. (that i was asked to place while installation of SEO-G) but don't know where to put the ending paranthesis in application_top.php plz help!
  5. hi friends, i am asif, and a php developer. i installed Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1. it installed successfully, and rewrites the url but the browser/server dosen't display the requested page, instead gives 404 error message, saying "no such page to display"; plz help how can i bring this addon working regards :rolleyes: