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  1. Ageman20XX

    Custom Product Builder

    Well I'll consider it, thanks for the suggestion. Still hoping someone here can help me out though - I know the answer is ridiculously simple - I just can't see it. Lol - I already did read through all 8 pages (as I stated above), so I doubt reading through it again will help any. I saw people with similar problems, but they either weren't answered or weren't similar enough to help. Thanks anyway. :) -Age
  2. Ageman20XX

    Custom Product Builder

    Huh, odd that I can't edit my previous post... Anyway, I forgot to mention that this doesn't seem to work at all on Safari. Clicking on any of the "Click Here"s should bring up the item selection window, but instead it just brings up a blank white box. Is this a known-issue or do I have something installed incorrectly? :S -Age
  3. Ageman20XX

    Attribute Qty Product Info

    Hey, thanks for that. The "Custom Product Builder" is actually exactly what I needed. I'm having some issues with it (that I posted in the support thread for it) but as soon as I get the issue fixed it looks like it's gonna be the perfect solution for what we need. :) Thanks again, -Age
  4. Ageman20XX

    Custom Product Builder

    First let me say thank you for such an awesome contribution. It's fantastic from what I have access to so far - nicely laid-out and fairly easy to understand. I do have some issues, however, and I was hoping for any kind of help. I was referred to this contribution by Lindsay in response to a question about the Attribute Quantity contribution. --- PHP 4.4.5 register_globals = Off Installed on a modified V2.2 RC2a Installed mods; - Attribute Quantity Manager - AJAX Attribute Manager * It's possible something was installed for SEO URLs. I wasn't the one who created the original build of the store and thus am kind of coming in half-way through development. I'm sure you could tell if I do based on how the site operates, but if not is there somewhere I could go/check in the installation or the files to see what modules/contributions I have installed? I have a feeling one of these might be causing my issue(s). --- I installed it and I stupidly did a whole bunch of visual modification before I even tested the most important part - the checkout process. In short, I cant get it to work. Here is my/our testing store - JP Fine Foods. You'll notice I modified the visual aspects of it and a few settings on the backend, but nothing substantial has been changed. The main issue is that after selecting a few categories and clicking the "Add to Cart" option it simply redirects back to "builder_main.php/action/add_products" and does nothing (other than clear all the fields page back to being empty). I assume this might be a redirection problem that could be solved if I found out how to make it direct to the proper location, but I have no idea where to start. (!) For anyone who's willing to help, I have it in a kind of "debug mode" where if you "View Source" and scroll to the bottom it will list all the $_POST variables. I assume this may be be essential in determining the problem. I have one other issue that's a bit harder to show, but on the backend admin panel, I cannot use any of the options under "Builder Category Maintenance". I cannot Add, Delete, or Rename anything. Entering values in any of the fields and clicking Update (or Enter) just reloads the page with no changes saved. Changing the dropdowns for the three default "Components" saves with no issue - but anything extra (even changing names of existing ones) does nothing. Any ideas? --- If anyone has any ideas for proposed fixes or any other information you'd need, please reply - it's essential I get this thing working. Lol. And thank you for anyone willing to help. EDIT : I should also note that I did read all 8 pages of this thread so-far and wasn't able to find any kind of solution yet. >_< Thanks, -Age
  5. Ageman20XX

    Attribute Qty Product Info

    Greetings, I'm currently using this contribution and I think it's great. I am having an issue, however. On items that only have one attribute 'type', the checkout process makes sense. Say I have a "Beverage" item and the only attribute type is "flavour". It makes sense that if I choose 3 Raspberry and 2 Pineapple, they show up in the cart as two separate items - 3 Beverages with the attribute "Raspberry" and 2 Beverages with the attribute "Pineapple". This becomes a problem when an item has multiple configurations. For example, say I have an item called "Chicken Platter". This item has three different attribute types - "Fresh Bun", "Salad", and "Side". What I'd expect is that it would add one "Chicken Platter" item to the cart with the various attributes listed below with their quantity in braces or something similar. Like this; Chicken Platter Fresh Bun - White (4) Fresh Bun - Brown (5) Salad - Ceasar (3) Side - French Fries (4) Side - Potatoe (5) What actually happens, as you're probably aware, is that it ends up adding separate entries for every single attribute, like below; Chicken Platter (4) Fresh Bun - White Chicken Platter (5) Fresh Bun - Brown Chicken Platter (3) Salad - Ceasar etc. This also becomes a problem for pricing. In the first scenario, having "Beverage" be $3 would still make sense in the checkout process. 3 Raspberry Beverages at $3 each would be $9. That is what you'd expect. For the second scenario, however, if the "Chicken Platter" itself was $20, that would mean that each and every item in the cart would multiply that price. This could obviously be solved by making the "Chicken Platter" $0.00 and then pricing each attribute by itself, but that is far from ideal as having an item listed on the menu as $0.00 is not only misleading, but appears kind of amateur. Is there any way to modify this contribution so that it groups the attributes into one item? I realize this would make editing ones order after-the-fact difficult (maybe even impossible), but compared to the alternative it's something we're willing to deal with. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Maybe another contribution I'm unaware of would suit my needs better? Any help would be appreciated. -Age
  6. Ageman20XX

    Step-by-step Ordering Module?

    I still need to actually look over the code and see if I can work with it, but from the looks of it and what you said this is exactly what we/I need. Thank you so much! :D I'll let you know how it works out. ^_^ -Age
  7. Hello, First let me say thanks for reading my post - I know how tiring n00bs can be and I wont claim to not-be one. ^_^ Anyway, I have a request/question - I've done a search through the forum and a search through Google with no luck. I think it's less an issue of me not-knowing how to search and more of me not-knowing what to search for. My employer has an online osCommerce store. The store sells food and catering services. Just like any other store, it has products, prices, etc. We need a module/upgrade that will allow us to create custom step-by-step ordering processes. The user should still have the option to order items individually but we're looking for a way to automate the process a bit. To give you an idea of what I mean, the user would go to a special page/link that would present them with specific options which they choose from - a step-by-step ordering process. Step one might ask the user to select from a range of beverages and then after confirming their selection, it would move onto step two which might have them selecting from a set of appetizers, step three would be the main course, etc. I hope I make sense... This would make it easier to set-up an entire service and this way the user has an easier time with the cart. The issue is that I can't find anything. More because I'm not quite sure what to look for - the keywords/terms that I've searched with are too general and don't yield any valuable results. Stuff like "oscommerce step-by-step ordering", "oscommerce automated ordering", etc. Obviously these aren't very good search terms but I can't really think of anything more specific. Does anyone know of any existing modules/plugins or perhaps a suggestion on better search terms? Is there a name for what we're trying to do? Any help at all would be appreciated. :) -Age