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  1. giostark

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    Hi , I found the same problem , but still I haven't looked that. But for the moment I have to suggest an other thing: in the file /includes/languages/"your_language.php" I have to comment "//" the lines of greeting. Ex "//define(' TEXT_GREETING_GUEST ' " , otherwise in the index appear always the "original greeting text" Maybe this should be suggested in the read-me/install file . Salut
  2. giostark

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    Hi all... I write here my experience: Oscom v2.2 RC2a Sts 4.5.8 I have tried to install the latest version of IPU edited by "lildog" (2.05 , 18 Oct 2008) and i get this error after pushing the button "insert" in admin panel. (this issue is present for Information and welcome both) (the same error of above) My data: in information manager line 131 (probably 131 dont mean the line number , whats it mean? ) in general.php line 22 I'm not an expert of php so i have tried to replace the information_manager.php with the old one edited by "Apurba soft" (v1.0 , 15 Set 2008) and all work fine :) (In any case are identical the 131 lines in both files , old and new) There are lots of different in the two files . (founded using Kompare) For me all this is like cirilico asd asd ... Hope that this help ;) Sergio