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    Phew! It was a bit of a fight but finally I have not got Moneybookers up and running on five sites! :thumbsup: OK... These were the issues that caused most headaches... 1) catalog/includes/configure.php - make sure 'DIR_FS_CATALOG' is full path, not virtual! (I.e. /home/yourhostname/public_html/yoursitename/catalog/' NOT 'http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxx.com/') 2) You need to ADD a field to the ORDERS table in your catalog database. The field is 'delivery_date' The field type is 'datetime' NULL : Yes I guess you can add it where you like but I added it below delivery_address_format_id as that is the order in which the data is written. Other than that, everything seemed to be fairly straighforward. I have tried both the addon available from addons.oscommerce.com and the official Moneybookers addon. The addons.oscommerce.com version seems to have more payment options available (such as Bank-to-Bank tranfers), so I am trialling them both. My gut feeling is that I will go with the 'Official' addon as, should there be any issues, Moneybookers can't blame the integration! Right.... Time for a cup of coffee methinks!! :)
  2. Hope you kicked the python off your lounger and got the old coconut oil working overtime! Gosh..! The thought even made me forget about the cricket! (Tee! Hee!)

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      If I had been quick enough, my camera would of been working overtime :)

  3. Nigel_S

    Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread

    Hi, I'm not sure if you got this sorted but, if not, after a over week of sheer frustration this is what I found: In: 'googlecheckout/library/configuration/merchant_calculated_shipping_option.php' Change Line 138 from: $input .= ' id="hidden_' . $key . '"'; to: $input .= ' id="hid_' . $key . '"'; The problem is caused because the 'hidden' input ID starts with 'hid_', not 'hidden_' !!!!!!!!!! :'( Now all I need to figure out is why GC still gives me £1 rates, although the DB now updates perfectly!!! Strewth! This thing is a pain to get working! :angry: