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  1. Wishing everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2018 in advance!!!

    Shall the oscommerce community prosper and gain more milestones in future!!!!


  2. Hello Sir,

    Please do you have any idea on the date of the official release of the latest oscommerce version...I am so eagerly waiting for it..:smile:

    Awaiting your valued response..

    Very Warm Regds./


    1. MrPhil


      There is no release date for 2.4 (just "some day"). Do not wait for a final official release, but install and use osC 2.3.4BS Edge instead. You can try using the current 2.4 if you want, but it's still "beta", so be prepared for problems.

      Why am I getting tgely's feed? And why can I reply on it?

    2. tgely


      Good question @MrPhil but you could reply well on question :biggrin:

  3. Deeply in Love Oscommerce!!!! Always on the Go!!!!

  4. Hi could you please help me on this I just tried creating a fresh reedited code for ccavenue payment module but it does not seem to work I just posted it here http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/393462-ccavenue-integration-module-convert-zencart-module-to-oscommerce

  5. Hi, Would like to know if I cud install yoyr contribution AJAX Attribute Manager on my oscommerce RC2.2a store as it says all installation instructions for MS2

  6. Please Can anyone help me on this issue I have even installed the database optimizer addon!! http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/380867-response-time-of-store-slow-and-specials-by-category-error/

  7. Dear Sir I just PM you my problem cud u help me Pls , I have also posted my problem on the forum at http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/380867-response-time-of-store-slow-and-specials-by-category-error/