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  1. radhavallabh

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hi, Could you please point to the exact changes you made, As mine are modified files I incorporated the beta_1 already, hence I could add the fixes of beta_2.. Warm Regds./ radhavallabh
  2. radhavallabh

    Recover Cart Sale for CE

    I used the Recover Cart Sale Addon on CE, It works perfectly!! Thank you!
  3. radhavallabh

    Recover Cart Sale for CE

    I figured this out...
  4. radhavallabh

    Recover Cart Sale for CE

    Please could you help me to find--- where is the create account form validated in Frozen - I need to validate the check-box field there for it.. Help would be deeply appreciated; Thank you in advance; Very Warm Regds./ radhavallabh
  5. radhavallabh

    Recover Cart Sale for CE

    @burt Wonderful advice about the tick box consent for T & C.. and adding a paragraph on re-marketing emails in T&C on Create Account.. Super Cool idea! Thank you so much again this shall help me with adding Recover Cart Sale without hesitation now! Very Warm Regds./ radhavallabh
  6. radhavallabh

    Recover Cart Sale for CE

    Thank you so much on the advice for the addons @JcMagpie... I will surely try to incorporate the Recover Cart Sale & Unsold to check which suits.. And for the advice @Mort-lemur @PiLLaO For GDPR I think I can email the customers outside Europe and to the subscribed customers in Europe so GDPR issue may not come up!! Thank you again Very Warm Regds. radhavallabh
  7. Hi, I would like to know if Recover Cart sale style addon is available for the Frozen CE version.. Please any help on this will be deeply appreciated; Thank you in advance Regds./ radhavallabh
  8. radhavallabh

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Works fine for me!! Thanks Regds./ radhavallabh
  9. radhavallabh

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hi, This works great with frozen..even with Attribute weight addon...But when I am trying to use the weight of ATTRIBUTES on edit_order.php, The shipping does not calculate accordingly. It does not calculate the attribut weight only shows the base weight for every attribute. Any help would be deeply appreciated Warm Regds Radhavallabh
  10. radhavallabh

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi I have installed this addon on my Frozen CE version.. Order Editor BS https://apps.oscommerce.com/wwEZ9&order-editor-for2-3-v1-0 Works good but when I create the Order the shipping is not calculating correctly.. I am using MPW which works with every addon but does not seem to work with the shipping of this addon.. Please Help The attribute weights are not been taken into account by it, It only calculates the base weight of the item.. Help on it will be deeply appreciated.. Warm Regds./ radhavallabh
  11. Thank for the update.. Working for me too now.. Will surely try this browser too; Warm Regds./ radhavallabh
  12. Oh Thank you for confirming.. Will reinstall my Firefox then!!! Thank you for your valuable feedback, Will be reinstalling my Firefox browser then seems hence the bug shall go away... Thank you again for testing it for me.... Warm Regds. radhavallabh 😊
  13. Hi, I have finally ported my site to latest edge Frozen version- But on create account it does not redirect to create_account_success.php in Firefox..And gives a 404 error. The account does get created at the admin side though. Create Account works perfectly in all other browsers Chrome, IE. My store link is https://www.radhavallabh.com/radhakrishna-store/ Please your help on debugging the issue will be deeply appreciated! Thank you in advance; Very warm Regds. radhavallabh
  14. Thank you for the awesome input.. I do have a 3 Tier category structure with lots of products.. But I have a tleast 11 subcategories to each category. I will surely take this up and try improving my site functioning and SEO... Will get back here if I face any issue about this; Thank you so much again; Very warm Regds./ radhavallabh
  15. @raiwa Yes the thumbnailer is at work on the Categories menu when I switch the images on! On second load too it makes a little difference only.. I guess you are right scope to improve time load with many images in menu does not seem possible. @Tsimi Yes I have 6 main categories and many subcategories and sub-sub categories due to which a huge load is summing up.. @Demitry Thank for throwing light on this...Yes I guess using the images will not be possible for me now.. Hence will try doing without it! Thank you so much for guiding me on this. Warm Regds./ radhavallabh