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  1. The three missing fields are Cardholder Amount, Cardholder Currency, and Conversion Rate I will call back and ask for level 2 but in my testing last night I found something interesting. The canceled transaction in the VM control panel was an earlier test and not the one I submitted. I ran two new tests, with real cards in production mode last night, and neither one ever showed up in the VM control panel. When I go to checkout, it shows that I am clearly using the Charge It module (which is the only payment module enabled) and it gives me a receipt, shows success and drops the order into my OSCommerce order page showing it is Processing. But nothing ever gets to my VM control panel. So I don't see any errors, I don't receive any error emails, everything looks successful, but nothing happens???? Not sure what the heck is going on right now. I am going to uninstall the 1.2 Charge It contribution completely, reinstall it again, and see if I made a mistake the first time.
  2. That is the strange thing. I submitted a transaction to test and got no errors, however, it never went through. When I looked at the VM site, it shoed they had cancelled it and gave no reason. the phone support guy said he had no idea what happened. Then I came back to this forum and found your setup was different than mine so I tried to add the three missing fields hoping that would solve it, but it wont let me add them. So I am trying to submit a new one now and follow it through the VM control panel to see if i can figure out what the problem is. Maybe I need to turn on DCC conversion somewhere in there? Although since your script doesn't submit it, it wouldn't seem to matter?
  3. I appreciate your help with getting this working. I have been on the phone with VM for an hour trying to get my payment fields setup as you show them in your screen shot. The system will not allow me to add the ssl_cardhoilder_amount field. VM says that it is not allowed due to a conflict with the pre-existing ssl_amount field and claims that no accoutn should be able to use that. Any idea what you had to do to get the system to accept that field entry? Is it required? Can I modify the code to remove it since the ssl_amount field is being used to send the total? Thanks for your help.
  4. Thanks for your effort in contributing this. I tried to install the ChargeIt module last night and today. I got it installed just fine, but am having trouble testing it. Before I changed the error scripting I tested it to see if it was working. When I go to the checkout page and enter the test card number with expiration of 12/09 and click 'Continue' from the Payment Information page, it simply retunrs back there with no error message. IT is definitely using the ChargeIt script from the heading. Then I went ahead and changed the two script files to accomodate the error messages, but now when I go to the Payment Information page it comes up completely blank and I see no PHP errors in the log? Any thoughts on what the heck I have done wrong here? Thanks for your help.