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  1. EnDerman

    Please Please Help - No Discount in PayPal

    Phillip, I have the same problem too, i tryied to make some change in code, but i think to much, and i do not will to make all worse. is there somebody else, who can help us? Please.
  2. EnDerman

    freeamount 3.5e

    I don't know what version it is, i have become it form somebody. I don't have if from oscommerce site. This version that i have has changes that you need here in germany. I think, i search a little more in german forum. Maybe there are people, they have the same problem like me. And I do better understand them. Thanks at first for your time.
  3. EnDerman

    freeamount 3.5e

    the other option is Shipping with DHL-Germany. I have tried also with sort order "1" and "2", but it was still the same problem.
  4. EnDerman

    freeamount 3.5e

    I have a simple question, i have instaled this contributions, it works nice, but i have a little problem. i set sort order for this modul as "0" and for other shipping i set "1", that freeamount will be display at first. My question is, how can i make that this option will be chosed automaticly. On page with shipping confirmation i can see it but another shipping option below is active, so the customer must chose it manual, and when he not see this he will pay for shipping, thats not correct. Can somebosy help me. Sorry for my little gramatical mistakes. EnDerman