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  1. Resolvido a tradução da parte de administração. Se vc estiver utilizando o Dreameweaver css4, abra a pagina que esta com problema com os caracteres “ç ã õ á é ” entre outros vai no lado do designer, clique com o botão direito do mouse e selecione propriedades da pagina. troca pra UFT-8 e salva tudo e upload. pronto, abre uma cerveja e vai pra boa sorte. Feliz 2010
  2. I love the SPPC I use it but I will love to see it in v3.0 as well. I am not a programmer but I post a project on project 596639 and they are beating on that. I choose one already but he never did “just disappeared” (I believe is something not so easy to make/update). Any way it was around $100, 00 US so far, if someone would like to help me to pay a high price, I hope they can do much faster. Please let me know. Thanks, Andre
  3. admin -> Configuration - > Services -> Debug or other location for it admin -> Modules - > Services -> Debug
  4. Oi. Eu tambem estou tentando, o maior problema esta sendo traduzir a admistração parte,30
  5. Hi! Thanks all for this great contribution. Since I had installed that my website had improved not just on my customers needs but as well on the Google ranking too. I want to improve the reader’s knowledge adding the Author picture and description B on the after the article info and before the article date. This way the reader sees the picture off the Author and start to be familiar with it. I tried to get the peace code from /articles.php (what is perfect) and put on articles_info.php I am not been successful with this task. I have a sample of one site where you can see what I mean. Any help is appreciating. :rolleyes:
  6. I installed all this contribuition, workes great, the idea is very good, but my products have a lot option like color, size. My suppliers do not have control of the option. As weell I have 5 suppliers and in some products all the five have the same product. How the computer will get the best price or clossest (maybe be cheaper to send by UPS for exemplo), maybe as well the customer buy couple products and just one supplier have all togueter. It is a hard task even to do manualy, Some one have idea how do that?
  7. I have a idea, maybe it help you. U just need to move it inside of the table, All files are inside some table any way! On the table tag < table > add border like number 10 this away yoyu will see easy, move where you like to be ( criate new < tr> or < td > if need) and you be good to go. easy way if you use dreamwear, but not necessary.
  8. me too.
  9. Hi!! Thanks everyone for make this a great contribution. Someone is having the same problem of me? On my rss.php is showing but not the picture, it is broken. Any ideas?
  10. Insert in your products table this from a tool like MyPHPAdmin at your host: ALTER TABLE `products` ADD `affiliate_allow_product` TINYINT(1) DEFAULT "1" NOT NULL Should be fine..
  11. I just build in cross-sell tabs and tell a friend as well. if some one trying to do the same, I promesse I will update the mods with this file soom is possible. sample of the tabs you can find on
  12. Thanks Jack, I compared it like you suggested but nothing has changed. This is a mystery
  13. I tried this addon, articles show but mess my left colunn, I use dropDown Menu on the categories box. Any idea site sample with trouble: Any help is apprecieted.
  14. some one tried to use with new version of oscommerce? oscommerce-2.2rc2a
  15. I have the same problem. ANy idea? My site is I can't sell some polyurethanes in some citys/states becouse the hight VOC. And I have 5 locations with the same warehouse products in allmosts cases but they difere on prices. I have no idea how I select with warehouse is tip and tell oscommerce to pic the right location, and the right vendor. I am open to discution. My site is very havy modificaed as well