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  1. theherbman

    Whats in cart

    Hi. Where is the table for "whats in cart"? I want to change the position of the remove button and also write a reminder next to quantity to remind people to update the number if changed. Regards Mel
  2. theherbman

    German IP won't default on english language page

    Posted in wrong place sorry
  3. theherbman

    CONTRIBUTION Product Quick Edit

    Thanks spooks I found it 5 mins afterposting. A case of read the whole of the text file. Thanks again Mel
  4. theherbman

    CONTRIBUTION Product Quick Edit

    I have just noticed on spooks last post that there is a var in the code to switch it on and off. Anyone like to tell me where it is and what the code should read. Thanks Mel
  5. theherbman

    CONTRIBUTION Product Quick Edit

    Hi I have just downloaded the quick edit everything works well except the thing I want to work. It brings up my stock quantity but its not highlighted in a box so it cannot be edited. What have I done wrong?? Regards Mel