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  1. techbull

    Worlpdpay junior 1.0, Osc 2.2rc2a problem ?

    UPDATE AGAIN : Just installed on a PHP4 server and its working .... So until a programmer correct the bug Oscommerce and worldpay doe'nt work on PHP 5.2.8 / mysql 5 server ! So warning to anyone that whan to use worldpay on php5 (at less php5.2) ! Thats not work...
  2. techbull

    Worlpdpay junior 1.0, Osc 2.2rc2a problem ?

    UPDATE : I have some time to loose today, so i have installed a fresh Osc rc2a install whit a fresh new DB on it. Then tryed the worldpay module Its still not work... - Fresh OSC install rc2a - Fresh DB - No modification - Able to do the transaction whit worldpay, invoice apear in osc but no callback return page... So its a bug somewhere ! - Using php 5.2.8 & mysql 5... so..
  3. techbull

    Worlpdpay junior 1.0, Osc 2.2rc2a problem ?

    no one have any clue ? here the return from worldpay in my log no error whatever so it sould be someting whit osc, the order apear in osc but osc doesnt return the page..; xxx.x.68.24 - - [16/Jan/2009:11:24:52 -0500] "POST /worldpay/order/ext/modules/payment/worldpay/junior_callback.php?msgType=authResult&installation=xxx HTTP/1.0" 200 160 "-" "WJHRO/1.0 (WorldPay Java HTTP Request Object)" ho well i may go another route and flush oscommerce... Look like there no way to have any help anywhere so... thank you anyway...
  4. techbull

    Worlpdpay junior 1.0, Osc 2.2rc2a problem ?

    Hi owen, Its activated and worlpay say that the callback is working but osc is not returning the response page...:( I have asked worldpay and here is ther response... Since i'm not a programmer hard to know for me what the problem is... I see no error in my server log etc.. So i may think thats someting whit the worldpay module ? Is worldpay 4 module work (or any other) on the latest osc may be i can try it ? So i'm still stuck... ----------------------------------- I can confirm that the callback process was completed successfully for both transactions. Once a transaction has been successfully processed via WorldPay we can send an HTTP request (i.e. a communication) back to your shopping cart to advise on the outcome of this transaction. This mechanism is called payment response (formally called callback) and it has to be enabled on your account, from the "Integration Setup" page of your Select Junior Installation, from the Merchant Administration Interface (MAI) at http://www.worldpay.com/admin. Payment response (i.e. callback) is a mechanism that WorldPay will use to send an HTTP query string back to your shopping cart/ website. The HTTP query string contains information pertaining to either a successful or cancelled transaction event. The payment response URL (as specified in the "Integration Setup" of your WorldPay installation) is the location of a script that interpret the HTTP query string from WorldPay, with the aim to performing a further action, for example updating an orders database. So for example the callback URL would be http://www.myserver.com/callback.asp. Since you are using oSCommerce your shopping cart should use the shopper response mechanism to send a page of HTML to WorldPay, which should contain a link to allow the shopper to return to the originating website. Looking at our server logs your shopping cart is not providing us with a response page, and as such I would recommend that you look into why your shopping cart is not sending this response to WorldPay. If I can be of any further help or assistance, on this or any other matters, please do not hesitate to contact me. thank you.
  5. Hi all, I have problem whit th callback whit worldpay junior 1.0 on a v2.2.rc2a, I found no way to have the callback working correctly and not sure what is the cause... All is well setuped on wordpay, when i do and invoice all goes fine but after the payment i got the worldpay "order done" but i'm not returned to my site... The invoice is created fine in osc btw but osc does not return a email to site admin. I know worldpay is callingback , i see it in http logs but look like thats someting on osc itself. Openbasedir are On i'm on php 5.2+ anyone can help i'm lost and have tryed all i can find on the web whitout success ? thank you for any help.