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  1. I can't get this to work... I'm using STS, I don't have any other functions going, I've tried to put the onload in my sts_template.htm body tag, but nothing... All I get is a blank cart with the title and the checkout button ( It seems to know that items are in the cart but just won't show them. Any ideas anyone?
  2. I got some wierd error message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /admin/categories.php on line 2308 Any ideas?
  3. I fixed it by changing the array to: $menu_dhtml = MENU_DHTML; $box_files_list = array( array('configuration' , 'configuration.php', BOX_HEADING_CONFIGURATION), array('affiliate' , 'affiliate.php', BOX_HEADING_AFFILIATE), array('articles' , 'articles.php', BOX_HEADING_ARTICLES), array('catalog' , 'catalog.php', BOX_HEADING_CATALOG), array('modules' , 'modules.php' , BOX_HEADING_MODULES), array('customers' , 'customers.php' , BOX_HEADING_CUSTOMERS), array('taxes' , 'taxes.php' , BOX_HEADING_LOCATION_AND_TAXES), array('localization' , 'localization.php' , BOX_HEADING_LOCALIZATION), array('reports' , 'reports.php' , BOX_HEADING_REPORTS), array('tools' , 'tools.php' , BOX_HEADING_TOOLS), array('gv_admin' , 'gv_admin.php' , BOX_HEADING_GV_ADMIN), array('administrator' , 'administrator.php' , BOX_HEADING_ADMINISTRATOR) ); Hope this helps