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  1. Sure, my modification is to hack my problem. If i let the 'sort' for the test, I have always the noindex meta. For testing, I change the code : function targetsExist(){ $caught = array(); foreach( $this->getValues as $value ){ if( isset($_GET[$value]) ){ [b]var_dump ($value); var_dump ($_GET[$value]); exit;[/b] $caught[] = tep_output_string_protected($value); } } if( !empty($caught)) { $this->caught = $caught; return true; } else{ return false; } } And, even if '?sort' doesn't appear in the URL, the ?sort is detected and displayed with the dump. I don't have any idea where the problem is, OR any idea to hack it. Please feel free to help me :rolleyes: Could you explain a little bit more your hack and could you show us your code ? ;)
  2. Very nice job. Good contrib. I've just a little problem. I use STS template, SEO URL rewritting, SID Killer, Easy Meta tag. so my url are like : 1) www.mysite.com/jeux-grande-taille-c-11.html 2) www.mysite.com/jeux-grande-taille-c-11.html?sort=3d&page=1 ... I've correctly install the contrib. She looks fine, I have the meta <meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX, FOLLOW" /> in the code in the case 2) but also in the case 1) After tracking, i've found that the ?sort is detected everytime (even if ?sort doesn't appear.) so I'll change your code like this var $getValues = array( 'page', 'language', 'currency'); instead of var $getValues = array([u]'sort',[/u] 'page', 'language', 'currency'); It's a good way to prevent duplicate content because of the meta. But have you a idea to prevent the url in case 1) ? Thank you :rolleyes: