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  1. Thank you so much! I've installed this great contribution and need your help with the following: 1. After every service name (i.e. "Express Service") appears a series of dots (".........."). How can I remove it? 2. There is a weight problem: If I'm increasing the quantity of the same item (x3), or shipping three different items - I'm getting different rates (all of my items weigh the same). How do I fix this? 3. Shipping is taxable as well. How do I fix this? 3. How do I varify that the rates are correct (generally)? Best, Avi
  2. I'm about to install this contribution as FedEx is my prefered method of shipping. My concerns are as follows: 1. Does this contribution takes into account the weight of the shipment? If so, from what data field? 2. I need to block certain states since I'm not allowed to ship to all states. Any suggestions? Is there a way to turn states "on" and "off" for shipping? Best, Avi
  3. Hi, I would like to block certain zones (states) that I'm not allowed to ship to; my merchandise couldn't be shipped all over the US. How do I set it up? Thank you!!!!