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  1. c_icarus

    Optional Related Products, Version 4.0

    Hi Guys, I installed Related Products 3.3c and everything went fine, but I have no related products showing up after adding them through admin . . nothing but a blank spot under the product This link will show what I mean Customcarts.ca Any help would be appreciated
  2. Ok so I solved my own problem by wouldn't you know it, READING THE FORUM lol Sorry everyone . . . It seems that the test ID for the CP shipping module is limited to 2 items
  3. This is driving me nuts lol When I test by increasing the quantity of a product, I get this error on checkout . . . This is currently the only shipping method available to use on this order. Canada Post An unknown error occured with the canadapost shipping calculations. One product is fine, but multiples generates this error Any ideas? You can see it in action at www.customcarts.ca/shop It's not a weight issue cause I have set maximum shipping weights already in admin Any help is greatly appreciated . . . I'm new to this stuff, but I'm learning fast and this forum is a great help