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  1. hey coopco,


    thank you for your help man. i check back step 8, its gone, well, i guess maybe either i left out or somehow backup and restore make it gone. now its fixed. once again, thanks bro, u solved my problem.

  2. Jack, i refer back a few pages, fixed the 2 errors above, i remove the "&" from those 2 lines. the error is gone, but then under the info box, it still shows : BOX_INFORMATION_SITEMAP_SEO


    may i ask how shd i fix it?

  3. Jack,


    i just noticed that there is a sitemap on my website after so many weeks. haha..... well, here it is (located under the information box labeled as "BOX_INFORMATION_SITEMAP_SEO") here's a screenshot.





    but then when u click on it, this is what it shows (with errors) :

    i check /includes/functions/sitemap.php as per the error, this is what i get


    line 25 : if (GetFilesArray($path, &$lines))

    line 132 : if (GetFilesArray($path, &$lines))


    may i know whats wrong with this 2 lines?



  4. yeah Jonathan,


    i shd have done the similar like u, well, i thought that backup will truely backup everything, as of now. i have no idea if everything is perfect. but anyway, i think maybe for future shops, i will do the same.


    oh yah do u have any idea regarding the sitemap, if u are free, would u be kind enough to go to my shop @ www.hobby-asia.com, see under the information box, at the very last, it supposed to be sitemap, but instead, it display something else, and when i click on it, there are 2 errors.

  5. Jack,


    i just noticed that there is a sitemap on my website after so many weeks. haha..... well, here it is (located under the information box labeled as "BOX_INFORMATION_SITEMAP_SEO") here's a screenshot.





    but then when u click on it, this is what it shows (with errors) :


  6. never mind, i work my way backwards, finally got everything done. including the price not showing.


    hey so guys, whats the purpose of backup when the files in the server is not being backup????? for example, we edit the english.php, so when there is a problem, we restore, it still shows the amended one, and not the one before you edit it. or is it just with mine?

  7. First, the sitemapindex.xml file is incorrect. It should have less than five links but shows that it has more than the products. If you go to http://www.hobby-asia.com/sitemapindex.xml, you'll see it actually only has four so you have somehow submitted the wrong sitemap. Once that is fixed, if that page still shows "Errors," you need to click on the "Detail" link to the right to investigate the problem.




    Jack, i try to resubmit that sitemapindex.xml, it still show the same error. any help ?

  8. guys, is there anyone who successfully install the above add-on? pls dun install that if u are newbie like me.


    i messed up everything. i did a backup just before i did it, but somehow, when i try to restore after i messed up, it seems that the files that i have amended were NOT back to the state before i edit. i wasnt sure what happen. anyway, now i have a problem, price is all showing 0. can anyone pls help?

  9. If there isn't anything in those columns then you probably have the sitemaps listed incorrectly. You should contact google for help. They are pretty good at responding to such questions.




    here's the screenshot Jack



  10. It seems it would have to be a problem with your google account since your sitemaps look fine. if you go to the sitemaps section, what is listed in the columns:

    Filename Format Last Downloaded Status URLs submitted




    Yes Jack, thats whats is listed

  11. Jack, i have just submitted my sitemap to google under the webmaster tool. i was wondering how many sites should i submit? coz i submit this only :



    do i still need to submit the other like :






    thanks. for the cron job, i think i m not able to do it. so i guess i will do w/o it. thanks

  12. This contribution is only for the search engines. It is not meant to be visible by customers. As for running the cron job, yes, that should be done. Google needs to be made aware of new changes made to your shop. You can wait for them to find them, or tell them yourself. To save you from having to do that yourself, the cron job will handle it automatically. Also be sure to log into your googlebase account with google and make sure the sitemaps are verified. Google provides a lot of information for you once your account is setup.




    Jack, u are really awesome man, are u into this programming thing? damn, i shd have studied computer science / programming or IT while i was in Uni, pick the wrong course, hahaha... anyway, u are really good at this, having to answer question that we faced everyday is uneasy task!! keep it up. we all back u up. haha....


    oh yah, do u have any idea where can i find more info on this CRON job here? would like to know more thanks....

  13. i m extremely sorry, but have to ask, is there a guide for beginner on how to use this? i have already installed together with google XML sitemap, but i have no idea what should i do with it. i understand that a sitemap list out a page in words for the product, but how do we use the thing? pardon me, i m complete newbie who just setup my shop. what should i do now?