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  1. RonaldoPer

    Automatic Stock Notification

    Hello, Nala, A few days ago a I sent you a private reply to your private message to me. I cannot find my message in the "sent messages" mailbox. Did you received it? Regards, Ronaldo
  2. RonaldoPer

    Automatic Stock Notification

    I have implemented this mod and had no problems. However, the mod does not notify customers when the Admin restocks itens (that were asked for notification) by deleting orders. The delete order procedure allows the admin to restock ordered itens before deleting. I have made changes to admin/order.php to circunvent that and intend to append them to the contribuition. However, in the codes of both steps 2a and 2b of this contribuition, there is a variable ($email_order) passed as the last parameter to $mimemessage->send: $mimemessage->send($value['firstname'] . ' ' . $value['lastname'], $value['email_address'], STORE_NAME, STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS, EMAIL_SUBJECT . $product['products_name'], $email_order); that is not referenced anywhere as far as I know. The last parameter of send message method is optional and a non initialized parameter should cause no harm. Am'I missing something here? Is the variable $email_order initialized somewhere? I need to clarify this point before proposing additions to the contribuition. Ronaldo Persiano