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  1. I have just installed the featured products contribution and it works great. I also use the free shipping per product contribution and i was wondering if there was a way to get the free shipping to show up in the featured products like under the price or above it.
  2. A605BLUE3.jpg pmx804.jpg
  3. actually all of it was upload with ep . but the pro audio i went to manual after upload and hit edit, preview,update and then the image showed up.
  4. The pro audio stuff was manual the computer stuff not
  5. I have been through just about every possibilty. It's like EP is not doing something that manually putting products in does. The images show up in new products box and the products list but when u click on it and go to the actual product page the image is not there. No image, no link for popup, no broken image .
  6. no i still have not figured it out. but i have to go to work now. so it'll have to wait till later today. thx for trying. be back ltr.
  7. let me put it this way. i can download the data and not edit it. and then upload it back and the images won't show on the product page.(only)
  8. I put productid.jpg and if i use /images/productid.jpg it causes a broken image on the other pages.
  9. i'm not im just putting image name. i followed the way it was in the export.
  10. i don't even have to upload them manually all have to do is go through prveiw process and hit update and they show up.
  11. i don't get the broken image. even when i set require image to true. and like a said before the image shows up everywhere else so the path has to be correct.
  12. i get no image require image is set to false
  13. the images show up everywhere but the product page.I can get them to show up if i go in the admin catalog and act like i'm updating them.But that kinda defeats the purpose of using easy populate.