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  1. artofadornment

    Change sort order of Canada Post shipping options

    Bumping this, as I'd like some help changing the sort order as well. :)
  2. [bumping this, as it's related to a post I made on the same subject, just worded a heck of a lot better. This way any ideas & solutions given here will help all of us.] I'm having the same issue. There must be a way to force the cart to generate the order only when the "submit" button is clicked (not before, and not when the customer is returned to the site from Paypal). I just wish I knew how. Can anyone help?
  3. artofadornment

    Order Data Not Reflecting Customer's Changes (Address, etc.)

    Hi Chris, That's right, I need to change *when* the order is written to the database. Instead of it being written when the checkout_confirmation.php page (order summary) loads, I need it to be written when the customer clicks the "Confirm Order" button on that page (the button which then directs them to PayPal to pay). Any idea what code I would need to change?
  4. I'm currently using the PayPal IPN payment module, although I'm not entirely sure if this issue is related to it or not. The problem seems to be centred around the checkout_confirmation page. If a customer reaches that page and then decides to go back and change their shipping address, billing address, or shipping method, the order that was written into the database does not reflect the changes they make, nor is a new order generated. What the customer sees on the screen changes, and the correct data is sent to Paypal when they pay (new order total, shipping method & rate, etc.), however the order I see in admin (and thus what they see in their order history and order confirmation email) shows the order as it was before they made any changes. In addition, even though payment is successfully completed, the order status displays as "Pending" "PayPal IPN Verified [payment status: Completed]" instead of "Completed" "PayPal IPN Verified [payment status: Completed]". Interestingly, when a customer makes any change to items in the shopping cart, a new order *is* generated in the database when they hit the checkout_confirmation page again. What can I do to allow these other changes to be "recorded" in oscommerce? (thanks in advance for any advice!) ~ Elaine
  5. artofadornment

    Product Attributes

    I too would really appreciate some help with this. I'm sure there must be a way to fix it, but I'm no programmer. At the very least, could some code be written that would force a quantity warning to appear in the cart (in much the same way as it does when someone tries to change a product quantity to more than is currently stocked) and therefore prevent checkout? Something that would make the cart recognise that despite whether a product has any attributes or not, it's still the same single product with the same quantity limitation... Sincere thanks in advance for any help you can offer! Elaine
  6. artofadornment

    Canada Post Module - Can You Exclude Services?

    Oh, that's perfect. I think that might do the trick - I"ll set it up and give it a try. Thank you so much!!
  7. To those using any version of the Canada Post shipping module: I have not yet set it up and am really leery about using it at all if it isn't very flexible (I currently use customized tables/zones). My question is: CP offers server different parcel services (eg. XpressPost, Expedited, Small Packet) to different countries/regions. Is it possible to EXCLUDE certain services to certain regions (eg. disable XpressPost for Canada, disable Small Packet Surface for France and Germany, etc.)? If this *is* possible, please let me know which version of the module you are using, and/or any suggestions as to where to change the code to force this "option" if it is not evident already in the module itself (I'm not a programmer but can pass any technical info on to a friend who's done an awesome job on the store so far and can help me set it up). FYI, I am curently using osCommerce v2.2 RC2 if that helps your answer. Thank you in advance! Elaine